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Meet Richa Mehta - The Multidimensional Celebrity

Richa Mehta is a woman of substance who wears many hats. A Young Entrepreneur, A Professional Model, Influencer, Workaholic, and Upcoming Actor, aiming and focussing to stride in all the fields by rigorous ard work and follow-her-passion attitude. She is called as Celebrity Jury, Chief Guest, Show Stopper on many shows.

After being a topper in graduation college and pursuing MBA in finance from BIMTECH, worked for a few years in a leading audit firm, Ernst and young. Always had a passion for dressing up and a hobby of modeling for shoots entered into the fashion industry and Director of companies involved in fashion and business networking. She has been part of tv commercials, video songs, digital Ads, print shoots and has walked the ramp for many known designers. She has also undertaken brand endorsements for top-notch brands. Keeping in lieu of being the brand ambassador of the well-reputed Ram Rattan Group, her sheer commitment and dedication have taken her to unparalleled success, which has led her to receive and winning many awards nationally and internationally.

As a Professional Model-

She has walked the ramp for many big designers which included modeling for Australia Fashion Week 2019, Couture Week 2019, Fashion Week Trend 2019, and for different labels like (Ritu Kumar, Pearl Academy, Oriflame, Rohit Bal, Wedding Brigade, Asiana Couture, NewsX and many more). Her performance was lauded and appreciated by all.

As an Entrepreneur-

She is a young successful director of companies in the fields of fashion and business networking. As an entrepreneur, she has received a lot of domestic and global awards. She was also acknowledged with the “Young Achiever Award”.

As an Emerging Actress -

She is part of Vanish Detergent tv commercial, Candor Digital Ad, Qualcomm print Ad, Web series Decoupled, and many more. She has also played a lead actress role in a music video “Rukhsat” and came as a guest appearance in one of the patriotic songs “INDIAJI” released internationally last year.

As a Brand Ambassador-

She is currently the brand ambassador of one of the leading real estate groups- Ram Ratan Group who have been the pioneers of farmhouses and townships for over 37 years. She is representing the brand in business meetings, hoardings, events, foreign client deals, giving away awards, etc. She is proud to be the Face of the brand.

As Social Activist-

Socially, has been closely involved in working for society and is the founder of an initiative “Ear To Hear”. Ear To Hear is a social platform that engages with women from different walks of life to discuss and share their issues impacting mental health. The idea behind this initiative is to hear out problems that affect the mental wellbeing of a woman while keeping it confidential. This is being accomplished, by conducting various online/offline sessions that give opportunities to understand and create awareness around mental health, for Women, by Women.

She is also currently the Chief Advisor to Dream Ngo which has organized the national campaign #ekrotiteribhi and is National Awareness Ambassador and President of Delhi for the Brijbhoomi Foundation, which is supported by Hema Malini.

Celebrated Chat Shows-

During this ongoing pandemic, in order to spread positivity, happiness, and motivate youth, she got popularised as a host and has done more than 100 chat shows with celebrities, business tycoons, brands, etc. under the banner “Trending Live with Richa Mehta”. The shows are broadcasted nationally and internationally. The shows became successful and gathered huge viewership all around the globe.

While talking in detail about her profile above, few questions answered below by her can ease out in detail for readers-

What attracts you towards entrepreneurship instead of a corporate career?

Answer - I chose entrepreneurship because I always wanted to do something of my own. Why make money for others while one can fill their own bank account with the same level of handwork and dedication. In fact, something which worked well for me was my passion for fashion, which in turn became my profession. Getting invited by colleges/forums to give multiple lectures on my success story of “Journey from Entrepreneur to Brand Ambassador” makes me believe that I have made it large.

Being on your own is always tough, however, having strong willpower and a never-say-die attitude can turn things your way.

During this COVID-19 crisis, what are the measures you have undertaken to continue your business without disruption?

Answer - COVID has impacted all businesses. But innovation and creativity can make things turn around. That’s what I applied and followed for my businesses. Work from home which seemed almost impossible has now become an everyday routine- which not only saved day-to-day costs but also increased overall turnaround for my team. My companies started conducting virtual meets, which gave a chance for people from across India to participate. Instead of having a quarterly launch, we switched to conducting shows and events every two months. Virtual sessions became an everyday routine for team meetings. No business can grow in isolation and that’s what we tried to tap during this pandemic by making everything digitalized.

How do you manage yourself and keep on going despite the challenges? What drives you?

Answer - Challenges are part of life. Every day is a new learning experience. But to take out time for yourself to have a breather is the key. I am enthusiastic and passionate about my work. But I balance it and make sure to have family time once I head back home. Slowly and gradually, I have made it a point to say ‘no’ to events and shows; if it’s getting too hectic. Moreover, I have tried to keep Sundays reserved for ‘me time. And surprisingly, on one sunny Sunday, I tried my hand at painting after almost 10 years. It came out so good that few of my followers requested to pay a price to purchase it. And guess what – It's now sold. It feels special and a cherry on the cake, to love what you do and receive love for your work.

I always say- “Believe in yourself, you can change the world”.

In your opinion - what is more necessary: Ideas or a good team for a successful start-up?

Answer - It's a mix of both. Without good ideas, an ideal team will be a failure. And having a good idea without an appropriate mix of team members is a disaster.

Nobody can run a company in isolation and having a great team can move mountains.

To grow, one needs good ideas and proper execution. Proper execution is not possible without the best team.

You are always positive and motivated, what keeps you going?

Answer - I take one day at a time. Every day is a new start. I sleep the problems over and try to wake up with new perceptions and lots of positiveness. This not only results in a positive atmosphere at home, but it also reflects in the office and work.

What are the business mantras you have embraced as you sought to establish your success story?

Answer - I try to grab every opportunity to build and scale up the brand ‘Richa Mehta’. I don’t stoop to a level where I feel it won’t work whether on monetary grounds or on personal growth. Every appearance counts whether it’s for an event or for a business meeting.

What are the three most important lessons you have learned building your start-up?

Answer - Stay positive, build professional relationships and learn something new each day.

Given the rapid pace at which the world is changing, what are the leadership traits that are necessary for success?

Answer - Become a leader who takes the team along as no one can grow in isolation. Always remember, your biggest competition is you.

Please share with us - what has worked well for you so far?

Answer - Professionalism. When I am at work or business meetings, I always make work relations. I don’t tend to go too far with someone or allow anyone to interfere in my personal space. Because of this, everybody from the teenager to adults, respects and gives tremendous support and love.

We would love to know your advice for all those starting out as aspiring women entrepreneurs?

Answer - If you believe in an idea, just go for it. Things will develop and you will find the way ahead. Just don’t be afraid and take the lead. Let’s face it, your career development is in your hands.

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