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How I started “Hungry and Cravings”? - Nishi Kain

“People who love to eat are always the best people.” This is my mantra from the start.

Hello people, I am Nishi, a food influencer on Instagram.

From rainbow grilled cheese to taco pizzas, the world of Instagram has been taken over by foodies sharing their trendy, mouth-watering food photos with the world.

My journey as a food influencer started last year (The year 2020) in lockdown. I have been a big foodie since I was a little kid and as I grew older, I started cooking and eventually, it became my passion. During the lockdown, as everyone was getting tired of the boredom, some people were finding their hidden talent, and some were embracing their long-lost dreams. And that’s when I thought, it is the right time to start my journey as a food influencer. Initially, I’d post pictures of my homemade food and soon I was getting more and more followers. Presently, we are a family of 9k plus followers. As I was increasing my family on Instagram, I got to know about the collaborations. At first, I approached a few brands to collaborate with me. Thereafter, as my page grew, the brands started approaching me for their promotions. I did the promotions for different kinds of products like beauty products, food products, healthy products etc. Throughout the months, I have seen development and improvement on my page.

My social network has grown internationally and since then, I have also made many friends. Though I wasn’t aware of things like how to put videos on my stories or to make reels as a food influencer. These were the few obstacles I had to face during the initial period of my journey. The fact that I’m married and also pursuing a language, these things never stopped me from becoming a food influencer, as I was also getting strong support from my husband.

As atoI would like to share some advice with you all like, once you have created your page, you should post regularly and be consistent with it. Interaction with your followers is also essential, keep them updated on what you have cooked. Last but not the least, patience is the key to success. Don’t panic and keep calm and everything will go on smoothly.

Whenever I hang out with my family or friends, the first thing that comes out of my mouth after seeing my food is “wait, wait, wait, Pehle Mujhe pictures to click karne do!” (wait, wait, wait, let me click the pictures first!!)

It is all thanks to my followers, who supported me in every phase of this journey of mine. My sisters have also made a huge contribution in keeping my page alive.

Lastly, if you want to become an influencer, it doesn’t matter if it is for food, fitness, nutrition etc., everything will work out in the end. You might have to go through some obstacles but again as I said, patience is everything. All you need to do is work hard and the results will be in front of you.

Here’s the link to my account. Check it out and give me your feedback.


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