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Diary of Life as an Influencer - Bikram Das

#exploreeverything This is my tag line. Because I always like to learn something new, I like to explore new opportunities. Inform, Inspire & influence these are the word I used to follow always. I like simplicity and I believe simplicity makes a person beautiful from the inside out. Love yourself as you are, cause the most important thing it is. Yes, self love is very necessary.

Now surely you want to know who am I? Why I am here I? Etc. So common let's find out. Before that, I want to convey my sincere gratitutde to all readers of this amazing platform ' Stay Featured'. I’m Bikram Das from Kakdwip, India. I was born and raised in Kakdwip, West Bengal. After completing 12th standard, I moved to Kolkata to complete my graduation. Then I shifted from Kolkata to Bolpur. Currently,

I’m living in Bolpur. I am pursuing my post-graduation from Central University. I’m a Lifestyle & Food influencer on Instagram. I’m a social media content creator as well as a communication student. I am always ready to face challenges and move forward very well with people. I believe in vision and action. I learn from my mistakes and enjoy everything I do. I’ve worked with many well-known brands that helped me create quite a work experience and also helped in always bringing my best.

Honestly, I had no idea about these blogger influencers at first. When I first opened my personal account on Instagram, I randomly posted any picture on Instagram without any thought. Suddenly one day in 2016 I got an offer from a friend of mine for a promotional activity on a Puma brand, I didn’t really know what to do. He asked me, would you like to do a promotion activity on Instagram? You have to make a post, if you complete it successfully, you will get money, I was very excited and agreed to do the post. I had 2000 followers then. Then he guided me to complete the promotional activity. From that, I get 200 bucks. Then I talked to a lot of influencers and bloggers and then I started reading about this field, after studying it all I decided to start my journey as a blogger.

Then I started posting food pictures because I love to eat, so I started posting the food that I really liked. I used to have very cheap clothes in my wardrobe. I took pictures of the clothes I was wearing and started posting them. Since I am from a middle-class family, I used to think that many people think that if they only wear expensive clothes and are very rich, they will get instagram recognition/validation. Because at one point I was a believer in the same thought, so it's just a small attempt to change that idea. And a self-love drawing I have loved since childhood, this is how my journey started.

Since I am from a very poor family, I have experienced from a very young age how difficult it is to reach the right goal without the right pattern. I have always wanted my next generation not to face the same thing that I have faced. Today, if I can show at least some people the correct way, that's a big achievement for me.

We are all going through a difficult situation but this has taught us a lot of things and helped us to get accustomed to new situations in life. Try to use those as strengths. In my life, there is no specific mantra to be successful.

My mother always said that if you want to succeed, you have to work hard day and night, and that is what I adhere to. Having a specific aim is very important in life. And never let yourself be diverted from your goal. In life you will find many people who will never motivate you. Never lose your focus because of those people. Instead of wasting time on unwanted chatter, I always believe in creating new content or learning new things.

The most important thing is that learn to take criticism positively because a lot of times those criticisms teach us to develop. If you want to be successful, never lose self-confidence, one day you will be successful in life. Instagram

I tried to narrate whatever I experienced till now if you want to stay in touch

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25 comentarios

Puja Das
Puja Das
01 may 2021

Indeed a inspiring story. Keep growing. More to come.

Me gusta

Sayari Banerjee
Sayari Banerjee
30 abr 2021

Proud of you and more strength to you❤️

Me gusta

Proud of you more power to you 💓

Me gusta

😍🔥🙌❤️ Amazing

Me gusta
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