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Utkarsh K. Nemade - Life in Tune

India has a mine of artists, there is no shortage of diamonds that have excelled in many fields such as music, dance, handicrafts, sports. A similar record has been recorded in the name of a farmer's son in a banana field. The record for the Youngest Composer for musical set by Adam Lorinz (age 18) in Hungary in 2002, is broken by Utkarsh K. Nemade (age 17) of Khirdi in Jalgaon Maharashtra & set up a Record in Guinness Book of World Records.

Team Stay featured is Extremely thankful to Writer Manoj Shirsath for Sharing this story.

In December last year, Prince Norris (London), Managing Director of the Guinness Book of World Records, organized online competition in association with the Indian Academy of Music & Drama. In this competition, Utkarsh chose Hindustani tabla and accompanied by classical music for 3 hours and 57 minutes in a row, breaking the world record of Adam Lorinz of Hungary for 2 hours and 46 minutes.

Man does not have to be old to grow up, but his work has to be big. Utkarsh has proved this. At the age of 17, he entered the Guinness Book of World Records and introduced his work to the world. In other words, while on the threshold of the 20th century, prosperity has made the world a better place. As much credit goes to his parents who stood firmly behind him, to his mentors who guided him, and to his grandparents who loved playing music as a child.

All these successes are not mine alone but of India and the entire state of Maharashtra. I have reached the pinnacle of this success today thanks to my parents who stood firmly behind me and guided me.
- Utkarsh Kiran Nemade
(Writer, Actor, Director, musician)
(World Record holder)

He was fond of playing the steel pot, table. From that, he made up his mind to learn percussion instruments and at the age of 7, he started playing the tabla. The splendour of this young artist from Tapikath is really very remarkable.

Earlier in 2018, the Oscar test in India was conducted by IIT Kharagpur, (Kolkata, West Bengal). In this test conducted by Spic Macay, the contestants came from different countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh to showcase their talents.

He got an opportunity to present his art with Padma Shri Winner Sureshji Wadkar. He was nominated for Oscar for Best Child Artist presented by "The Academy of Motion Pictures of Art and Science."

If you worship art with devotion, its fruit will definitely be sweet, "said Padma Shri singer Sureshji Wadkar, announces the winner and handing over the nomination papers to Utkarsh.

In 2019, Utkarsh was awarded the Third Best Child Artist in India by The Academy of Motion Pictures of Art and Science. After that, cultivating his love for music, he made his debut in Marathi cinema. He acted as a composer in the film 'Gadbad Gondhal' starring Santosh Juvekar and Smita Gondkar. He also made his acting debut in Prashant Sonawane's 'Ek Numbercha Dha'.

Utkarsh is now working in the Hindi movie 'Bulbul Tarang' starring Sonakshi Sinha. Along with Hindi and Marathi, Utkarsh has also added his musical rhythm and acting qualities to Telugu films. Recently, he made a name for himself in the multilanguage film 'Kapo Kalpitam'.

He also founded MOHRAN's Production in the name of his Mother Mohini & Father Kiran and made 2 short films and his dream is to make more different films in the future. Many newcomers have been given the opportunity by MOHRAN's Productions to work in films.

His short film 'Nibandh' won the award for Best Music at the Wardha International Film Festival. Also, in the popular series 'Chala Hawa Yeu Dya' on Zee Marathi, Utkarsh was nominated for Best Supporting Actor and Best Backing Music. Utkarsh got 36,955 votes from Maharashtra & secured 2nd place in the state.

Utkarsh K. Nemade, who has such a multi-faceted personality, recently made his directorial debut in the Hindi short film 'The Change'.

Also along with director Sagar Ladhe and 'Kahe Dia Pardes' fame Rishi Saxena and 'The Big Bull' fame Lekha Prajapati, he has done Hindi short film 'The Right One' as an actor and assistant director. 'The Right One' has been released on MX Player & earned a good response for the same.

[Link - The Right One (Short Film)]

Utkarsh had also announced MOHRAN's INTERNATIONAL SHORT FILM FESTIVAL Organized by his own MOHRAN's Productions, the team of MISFF, Prachetan Potdar (Creative Director), Chandrakant Hire (Executive Producer) & Shiddhat Amir Maner (Creative Team Leader ) are working harder at the International level to high up. The registrations will be starting soon said sources.

if you wish to know more about him, you can follow him on the following Instagram link


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