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Utkarsh K. Nemade - Life in Tune

India has a mine of artists, there is no shortage of diamonds that have excelled in many fields such as music, dance, handicrafts, sports. A similar record has been recorded in the name of a farmer's son in a banana field. The record for the Youngest Composer for musical set by Adam Lorinz (age 18) in Hungary in 2002, is broken by Utkarsh K. Nemade (age 17) of Khirdi in Jalgaon Maharashtra & set up a Record in Guinness Book of World Records.

Team Stay featured is Extremely thankful to Writer Manoj Shirsath for Sharing this story.

In December last year, Prince Norris (London), Managing Director of the Guinness Book of World Records, organized online competition in association with the Indian Academy of Music & Drama. In this competition, Utkarsh chose Hindustani tabla and accompanied by classical music for 3 hours and 57 minutes in a r