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TiE Global ‘World’s Largest Sustainability Summit' set to focus on Sustainable Development Goals

TiE Hyderabad is all set to focus on sustainable development goals (SDGs) with a major thrust on agriculture, water, climate, energy, recycling, circular economy, poverty, hunger, renewable energy, livelihoods, healthcare among others.

The most awaited virtual summit, where entrepreneurship meets sustainability will be held from October 4 to 6, 2021. It will be hosted by TiE Hyderabad, which is yet another feather in the cap of TiE Hyderabad. The Chapter hosted last year the Global Summit, the world’s largest entrepreneurial summit. And it was a huge success. And this year yet another first, the World’s largest Sustainability Summit’.

TSS 2021 is expected to unite 25,000 entrepreneurs, major among them would be social enterprises who are focused on solving the challenges outlined in SDGs, 250+ investors, 200+ speakers, 100+ mentors from the sustainability space, social impact investors, policymakers, academicians, and strategy think-tanks from 25 countries including North America, South America, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia-Pacific regions.

TSS 2021 is here to provide opportunities for social enterprises to showcase their products, services, make pitches to investors, meet their future mentors, board members, interact with strategy leaders, management gurus in the sustainability ecosystem to enhance their growth objectives and create a deep impact on society, animals and planet.

It will host keynote sessions, panel discussions, match-making for entrepreneurs, investors and mentors, exhibits for social enterprises to showcase their products and services. The event is majorly supported by organizations such as Adani Group, CtrlS – Asia’s largest Rated-4 datacenter among others.

The summit is uniquely designed to discuss, strategize and execute innovative solutions to overcome key issues such as rapid accumulation of toxic gases in the atmosphere, loss of biodiversity, pollution underwater, food production, disharmony between social, environmental and economic policies, barriers to eco-innovation and eco-regeneration, greenhouse gas emissions, climate change, barriers to the growth of social enterprises, conflicts between capitalism and nature, impediments to human wellbeing and its sustainability, and hurdles to implementation of sustainable development policies.

Manohar Reddy, Chair, TSS 2021 and President, TiE Hyderabad said, “TiE sustainability summit is being held to shape the future of planet earth by encouraging social enterprises through funding, mentoring, strategic inputs to help them create a tangible impact in the areas such as poverty eradication, find solutions to water and food production challenges, deployment on modern technologies to eradicate social, climate, pollution-related issues, act as a platform for discussion, debate, influencing policy-making in the sustainability space to solve problems related to land on life, life underwater, gender equality, education, healthcare, livelihood and other key issues plaguing the society.”

“TiE sustainability summit will act as a springboard for many social enterprises not only from TiE Global ecosystem but those from across 25 countries who are focused on solving the challenges faced by planet earth in the sustainability space. I am confident this summit will pave the way for building and executing exceptionally unique ideas to solve the issues outlined in the SDGs by the UN. TSS 2021 will continue to focus on building a beautiful planet for the next generation to benefit from the ideas generated through its platform”
-Pravin Tailam, TiE Global Chair

A Brief about TiE Global

TiE Global is a nonprofit organization devoted to entrepreneurs in all industries, at all stages, from incubation to the entrepreneurial lifecycle. With a global reach and a local focus, the heart of TiE efforts lies in its five foundational programs, – Mentoring, Networking, Education, Funding, and Incubation. Several members have formed startups while at TiE, and are now charter members giving back to the community. TiE’s ultimate goal is to foster entrepreneurship, creating wealth for both the entrepreneur and the local communities.

TiE Global is the largest non-profit organization and has amazing networking effects. TiE connects the entire entrepreneurship ecosystem from early-stage entrepreneurs, serial entrepreneurs, professionals at leading corporations, venture capital, angel investors, thought leaders among others. The organization emphasizes the spirit of giving in all aspects of its work.

There are currently 15,000 members (including over 3000 charter members or mentors) in 61 chapters across 14 countries. TiE’s mission is to foster entrepreneurship globally through mentoring, networking, and education. Dedicated to the virtuous cycle of wealth creation and giving back to the community, TiE’s focus is on generating and nurturing our next generation of entrepreneurs.


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