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Today I wanna talk about failures : Linkedin Feed by Arunima Jha

If your work is helping grow people more business, it's the most satisfying feeling. Continuing with my journey of being an attorney one thing that I have been able to do is an expansion of my network. But today I wanna talk about failures. I have had some massive failures and I am sure there are many coming in the future. But you cannot be paralyzed by fear. It's your inner intuition that you gotta follow. That little voice in your head. Success is not really the opposite of failure.

So what's success? For me, it's having people believe in me and most importantly you have to believe in your work and yourself esp. when you're pushed into unusual circumstances. Just like that timid clownfish’s son who went missing, so he went on a journey to find Nemo. Jack won a ticket to board the Titanic, where he met Rose (and the impending disaster). Frodo Baggins is called upon by Gandalf to embark on a quest, so he left the Shire to destroy the One Ring. Just saying.

There is so much money, time, and equity for a legal practitioner. Yet there are multiple facets to it and the most important one is identity. When I first started my law practice, I kind of followed what felt right to me. When we think that every single decision that we take is working in our favor, it actually helps.

None of the work goes to waste. You have to be certain about the results that you want to create. You have to challenge your own self-doubts. To have ambition feels greedy and we can talk ourselves down and try to feel content. The reality is you can be grateful and supportive at the same time and that's the beauty of working towards something. There's a subconscious belief that money is evil but what if it's not? So when we change our mindset, then everything changes.

Sometimes I feel others are more challenged and more disciplined than me and that's the self-doubt. How presumptuous am I? How dumb is the thought? Is that going to stop me from doing what I wanna do? So what is the standard of winning and because I couldn't define it, after a lot of introspection and self-assessment I realize that I needed insight and not information? Insight is what you learn from someone else's mistake and that's an investment.

I have learned to practice belief in myself. I have learned to navigate through my own mistakes. We wanna see certainty so quickly but that happens with time and with conviction in your mind first. Be the truest version of yourself and find your real goal. The beginning is always the toughest but you have to create your own path. When you do things that are not proven, people will always question but do it irrespective.

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