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Howdy? Buddy! I am Piyush R Gupta: The Product Leader and your Digital Automation Specialist.

Good leaders are hard to find, but great product leaders are rarer still!!! What a great saying! Well, it has it's worth acknowledging that finding a reliable, and successful project manager in the current era is like finding a true pearl inside the seashell. The product management journey starts with initiation and ends with the closing of a project. Let's have a look at my 16 years of journey to this career.


Get the ball rolling!!! Once you've spent significant time in the workplace, you'll start to pick up the lingo. Being an MBA from IIM, Lucknow is an achievement in itself. I was overwhelmed with the journey from an MBA to a Product Manager; every step was filled with a lot of surprises and learnings. Initiating my career as Software Developer, I bring along nearly two decades of experience in various roles. From Software Developer to Product Manager, I came a long way brushing up my skills, competencies, and endeavours. Not only professionally but I grew personally as well. Today I write blogs and manage digital automation.

Presently I am quota surpassing Product Manager & Digital Automation Specialist who leverages finely-honed multiple specialities with a passion to fructify ideas into businesses and the ability to build & scale highly profitable businesses to achieve corporate goals and objectives.

I demonstrate success in automation and graphic designing introducing new products into production, and developing, implementing, and managing new processes to improve quality and productivity. I possess a proven ability to think strategically, coupled with the focus and discipline necessary to simultaneously execute a wide variety of detailed tactics; Exceptional time management skills and the ability to organize, prioritize and manage multiple projects with overlapping goals and objectives. I am adept in driving innovation with sharp analytical skills, high resilience, and tenacity to turn adversities into great opportunities for the team and business.


1) Why did you get started in this line of work?

I am a strategic Product Manager with an intellectual vision to make consumers' lives easier. Understanding the customers and building products that give a greater experience for them. Introducing diverse and functional products for customers for more than a decade, made me an expert in interpreting customers' problems, and solving those with my domain and operational expertise satisfies my soul! Maximizing the customer count by mapping the right product strategy that includes every single feature and is followed throughout the process of product development.

2) What are some of the major experiences throughout your career?

I have nearly 16 years of entrepreneurial and start-up experience in building effective teams with an appropriate and diverse mix of styles, perspectives, and experience. My major experience was working directly with CXOs and higher management while leading the end-to-end product development process and ensuring that all products are delivered on time and within budget.

3) How do you present the key initiatives and highlights (endeavours) during your career recital?

❖ At HT I implemented digital transformation in Print, Radio, Digital, and Shine, launched recommendations, price optimizer, CDP, subscription, automated sales pipeline, competition analysis, distribution management, revenue collection, and go-to-market.

❖ I worked on automating projects for subscriptions, CDP, social media marketing, video, analytics, newsletters, Notifications on various channels, SEO, IVR

❖ I Majorly assisted the team to achieve growth in Digital News (Live Mint, Hindustan Times, Live Hindustan, Desi Martini, HealthShots, HT Schools, Radio, SmartCast, OTT Play), Subscriptions, Social Media Reach, Content Production (Text, Audio, Video), SEO, Revenue), and Shine (Recruitment & Learning).

❖ Additionally, I created dynamic recommender, pricing, and optimizing algorithms to solve dynamic pricing problems.

❖ At CloudTags, I operated on providing customers with an omnichannel experience & recommendation algorithms, and the effort helped to increase user engagement & Re-Targeting leading to an increase in per-user purchases of omnichannel users.

❖ Moreover, I planned and added a layer of software and hardware to create cutting-edge IOT solutions in the area of offline retail; the first of this kind of work was in early 2014.

4) What are your areas of expertise that let you accomplish your goals & targets?

Rich exposure to Media, HR, Healthcare, Retail, Advertising, and IT Services. I managed teams across geography (India, US, UK, Australia, Middle East, and Southeast Asia).

A product manager is someone who owns every stage of the entire product lifecycle and the product roadmap, here is a list of things that I excel at in the field of product management:

Digital Transformation & Automation (HT Media): The good news is no one can stop your business growth with a digital presence. My expertise includes transforming your business into a digital space where your brand presence & website growth can be felt by the audience, marketing strategies that target the audience and making repetitive conversions with the potential data of customers.

B2B SaaS Turnaround (Dockabl): Being a SaaS product manager, I do everything that is required to deliver a quality product to the user. As the user's expectations constantly keep evolving, it is important to constantly keep upgrading the quality of your product. The biggest room in this world is the room for improvement which I am always ready for.

Product Strategy: Satisfying the business objectives and reaching the potential audience is an interesting challenge for a product strategist. Defining the purpose of the product, what it is exactly, when to introduce it to the market, and how to launch the product are the most important things to fulfil the vision. And the real game-changer is to make people understand the need for the product that solves their solution and stand alone in the crowd.

Product Portfolio Management: Product portfolio management falls under the purview of a product portfolio manager. As a project manager, I ensure that a company optimally allocates its resources to product development and management and keeps a sharp eye on product improvement areas as well. I possess the expertise to handle this challenging task diligently with my key attributes like innovative and analytical thinking.

Roadmap Competitive & Market Analysis: Marketing is the engine that drives most business today. But for many marketing teams, it can be difficult to connect corporate strategy to the tactical work the team plans to get done. I build marketing roadmaps for each team function, program, or customer segment so each group can deliver in sync and on schedule.

P&L Management: Profit and loss (P&L) management is the way business leaders handle the increases and decreases in revenue and costs. Managing P&L means that supervisors and other administrators are working toward maximizing profits and minimizing expenses. I manage the accounts effectively thereby helping the company to grow.

Cross-Functional Leadership: Being a critically thinking personality saves from complications, and being collaborative and decisive helps to make quick decisions. Yet a leader connects every loop and makes the vision beautiful. A proper business runs on strategy, tactics, collaborative decisions, critical thinking, etc.


If you're a wizard with words, then writing your blogs should be a breeze...right? I am fond of writing. I won't make this sound robotic under the guise of being professional. In my professional world writing is informal ≠ and unprofessional.

I come from a product management and digital automation background. Most recently I have used my skills in retail, eCommerce, healthcare, and media sectors.

Automated Articles

Now that all of our articles are organized and data-driven rather than narrative, they are all automated. I will now give you reports on the stock market, annual reports, the price of gold, and the price of fuel, all of which are automated. Even political news, such as poll results, is computerized. We can now automatically summarize tales in addition to writing articles. Would like to share my experience with you and the use cases I have applied.

Automated Videos

Videos also fit under this category. We have also found a solution for non-narrative videos here. We can input text material and output a quick movie. We now have the choice to post articles and videos in multiple languages. This is incredible for a media organization.

Automated Image Insertion

Without an image, no article would be complete. We can now read an article using our engine and insert the best suitable image from the image bank.

Automated Metadata Creation

It's feasible to extract metadata from content. As a result, we have also created the possibility to automatically post content to social media sites. The article's publication location and time are determined by the engine to maximize social media impressions.

So, when it comes to automatically publishing content, we have an end-to-end solution with automated content, image, video, SEO, and social capabilities. With our editorial team now able to work on other areas where we need a little more research, this not only shortens the time it takes for us to get products to market but also boosts our efficiency.

We earn more by being first even if the article is a little behind in quality thanks to the SEO advantage that decreasing TAT brings us.

Content is a crucial part of building a strong online presence. Posting articles regularly is one of the best investments you can make in your website’s long-term strength and health. Stay tuned with me for unique content through my blogs.


A great product manager has the brain of an engineer, the heart of a designer, and the speech of a diplomat.’ Product managers are rock stars in every company. The common core skills required to be a successful product manager are teamwork, time management skills, soft skills, decision-making ability, thorough product knowledge, good delegation skills, and dynamic leadership skills. It is a complex role that requires mastery of a myriad of skills. You need to be a ‘jack of all trades’ to be on top of the game and stand out from the crowd. I feel I give justice to my role with all these attributes in me.

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