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Featured By Stay Featured: Mr Manas Wadhwa, Founder- K se Kulcha

Absolute Determination and a ‘Will to Achieve’ is what characterizes Manas Wadhwa, Founder- K se Kulcha. A college dropout, he has travelled a rough road to reach where he is today. From starting a trade fair to working in an event management company to a stint in a Call centre, working in an MNC thereafter and getting into Jet Airways as Cabin Crew, he never lost sight of his Goal and finally quit his secure well-paid job in Jet and opened Desi Vibes in 2005. Today besides Desi Vibes, Manas and his partner Varun (his jet-mate), most unassumingly own three other restaurants; Kaffiiaa- Italian Cafe, The Imperial Spice and K se Kulcha.

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Stay featured in Conversation with Mr Manas Wadhwa.