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Featured By Stay Featured: Capabl , game-changer in the Indian EdTech industry

Brand History

Capabl was founded in 2014 with the vision of building a strong engineering ecosystem that connects colleges and engineers to the industry, making them industry-ready engineers (with an intention/or to contribute to making) India an advanced engineering nation.

Since its inception, Capabl has been recognized as a game-changer in the Indian EdTech industry. In 2020, the company was selected by the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India as a game-changer Indian EdTech company and represented India at the Dubai Expo. In 2021-22, Capabl won the All India EdTech Challenge powered by Amazon Web Services, Niti Aayog, and Atal Innovation Mission.

The founding team of Capabl consists of IITi’ans and Stanford graduates with over 100 industry experts. The company has an impressive rating of 4.8 on Google and Facebook by students and has collaborated with over 800 colleges in Pan India. To date, Capabl has trained and mentored over 100,000 students, achieving a placement rate of 90% and above.

The company has also been featured in top media publications such as the Times of India and Hindustan Times. In 2021, Capabl raised a Seed Round of Funding from investors such as Byjus, OfBusiness, and Quest Global.

How and why did you get started in this line of work?

As an engineering student, my curiosity about practical implementation has always interested me. I wanted to be able to feel and see how the concepts I was learning in school could be applied in the real world. This curiosity led me to pursue a degree in engineering and eventually led me to Kota, a city known for its preparation for IIT/JEE entrance exam.

Although I was not able to get into an IIT / NIT, I was able to secure a spot at a private university in Rajasthan. However, within the first month of starting my degree, I was disappointed to find that the focus was mostly on theoretical concepts and not on practical implementation. This inspired me to create a program that would give engineering students the opportunity to apply their knowledge and learn practical skills.

As a student, I founded ETG to provide hands-on experience in practical knowledge and exposure by designing and developing small prototypes. Over the years, we have evolved and now focus on aligning our curriculum with the expectations of the industry and preparing students to be industry-ready engineers. We believe that by strengthening the engineering ecosystem in colleges and engaging students in various events and activities, we can help them become practical and industry-ready engineers from the start of their studies, rather than just during their final semester.

What are the biggest challenges you foresee in this role?

As a college dropout, one of the biggest challenges in this role was to execute our ideas and vision effectively. Starting a business is always a risk and as a student with limited experience and resources. However, I was confident that with hard work, dedication, and consistency, I would be able to overcome these challenges and succeed. This requires not only strong leadership and management skills, but also the ability to stay on pace with market requirements, industry standards, and the expectations of colleges, students, and other stakeholders. This can be achieved by clearly communicating your vision and the value that your startup brings to the market, as well as offering opportunities for personal and professional growth.

How do you keep your team motivated in the face of tight deadlines?

Here we are not able to answer how?

At the time of hiring, we were specific about the type of candidates who would be able to perform and give 100% in the dynamic environment of a startup. Our team is made up of enthusiastic individuals who are also enthusiastic about solving the problems we are solving.

Our student’s success in getting placed in companies that they had never imagined they would be able to get into motivates us. This is also a key source of motivation for our team.

Motivating and keeping our team focused on this shared vision is also a challenge, especially in the face of the fast-paced and constantly evolving startup environment. We create a positive and purpose-driven culture within our organization to keep everyone motivated and engaged.

This sense of purpose and unity has undoubtedly contributed to the aura of the company and has helped it to become a thriving and successful organization. It is clear that the strong vision that underpinned the company's founding has continued to inspire and guide its growth and development. With a clear and strong vision, the company has attracted an internal team of more than 60 individuals in its Bangalore and Pune offices. Our small but growing startup has been attracting people, including those from multinational corporations, with a shared commitment to adding value to people's lives.

Share about the product and offering

In India, every engineer is entitled to pursue a degree. ETG has created an interdisciplinary culture in engineering education to break down the barriers to the conventional engineering ecosystem. ETG provides specialization in emerging technologies, such as Data science/AI/ML, Mechatronics, Electric vehicles, Design Engineering, and more under the Pre-Placement Training Program. With project-based learning, ETG is boosting Industry Interactions, Projects, Bootcamps, and Webinars while providing dedicated assistance to students in domain understanding and achieving academic excellence. Indian government bodies like NEP and AICTE are also working on this initiative. It is encouraging to see that The Indian Government bodies, such as NEP and AICTE, are also working towards this initiative. This shows a commitment to modernizing engineering education and preparing students for the demands of the industry. By breaking the barriers of the conventional engineering ecosystem, ETG and these government bodies are paving the way for a brighter future for engineers in India.

Capabl is building an engineering ecosystem in colleges and engaging students in numerous events and activities, allowing them to become industrially ready engineers from the beginning, rather than only in their final semester. A top-quality engineer can be produced with existing college infrastructure and an industrial ecosystem. To achieve this, we offer a variety of services and resources to help them succeed. As part of our key offerings, students are exposed to and mentored by industry experts to create awareness. They are trained through a flipped classroom model to build competency and given practical experience through case studies.

In addition to CAE design with machine learning, Capabl offers mechatronics, robotics, industrial automation, and data science with Python, ML, and AI. In addition, we offer full-stack development courses. Providing quality, industry-relevant training distinguishes us from other providers.

Students are also able to work in industry, gaining valuable experience as well as providing industry partners with skilled individuals. As well as traditional coursework, we recognize students need more interaction, mentorship, competition, and flexible, low-cost training opportunities.


Mayank is a well-known figure in the engineering education space, with over a decade of experience as a serial entrepreneur. He has achieved numerous accolades for his work, including representing India at the Indian Innovation Hub at Dubai Expo 2020, winning the All India EdTech Challenge 2021-22 by Amazon Web Services, Niti Aayog Govt. of India, and Atal Innovation Mission, and getting incubated by NASSCOM. Mayank is also the Founder of AMK Industries & Elite Racing, which has partnered with over 800 engineering Colleges across India and three other countries. His work has been featured in several leading publications, including the Times of India and Indian Express.

Founder Profile

Mayank is a highly experienced serial entrepreneur in the engineering education space, with over 10 years of experience in the field. He has made a number of significant contributions to the industry and has received a number of accolades for his work. Mayank has also co-founded AMK Industries and Elite Race.

Founders Message:

Today's most powerful & leading nations are top engineering nations. However, no Indian University is in the World's top 100. I dream of seeing India as the world's leader, and this motivates me to keep building for India.

Having Indian-origin CEOs of Google, Microsoft, IBM & many leading firms shows the potential of what Indians can achieve. Just consider the million+ engineers being skilled and contributing to the development of the nation and industry - the possibilities are endless.

To make this happen, we need an overhaul of the engineering ecosystem by making college education a reflection of what the industry does right now. Colleges can’t do this alone. This requires the coming together of industries' involvement in academics with a rightly aligned Govt. Policies and strong execution from colleges to bring the massive change we require to reduce the industry-academia gap.

Capabl is an Indian EdTech company that has been making waves in the education industry. As a game-changer in the field, we have been recognized by the Ministry of External Affairs and represented India at the Dubai Expo 2020. We were also selected as the Winners of the All India EdTech Challenge, which was sponsored by Amazon Web Services, Niti Aayog, and Atal Innovation Mission. We are incubated by NASSCOM and are the only Indian EdTech company to sign the MoU with SAEINDIA. We have also signed the MoU for exclusive certifications from Ansys, Altair, and Siemens. We have a rating of 4.8 on Google and Facebook and have collaborated with over 800 colleges across India. We have trained and mentored over 100,000 students, achieving a placement rate of 90% and above. We have been featured in top media publications such as the Times of India and Hindustan Times, and have raised a pre-series round of funding from investors such as Byjus, OfBusiness, and Quest Global.

The purpose of our engineering community is to connect colleges and engineers with the industry, helping them to become more prepared for the workforce. By fostering connections and providing resources, we aim to become the largest engineering community, providing valuable support to students and professionals alike. Whether you're a student looking for internships or a seasoned engineer seeking new opportunities, our community is here to help you succeed. Join us and be part of a growing network of engineers, dedicated to advancing their careers and making a positive impact in the industry.

At Capabl, our goal is to create the largest engineering community that connects colleges and engineers to the industry, making them industry-ready. We are using the existing infrastructure of colleges and empowering them with an industrial ecosystem to produce top-quality engineers.


Reference Content:

Company brochure

Vision Mission (Stats)

Type 1

We at Capabl from Elite Techno Groups a leading industry consultant working with companies like Yulu, Amazon, Ola, Sastra Robotics etc and now from last 10 years on a mission to create a world-class engineering learning ecosystem with Students, Industry, and Colleges that will reduce the Industria-Academia gap considering all the limitations and the complex Indian engineering education system. And, this innovative ecosystem goes hand in hand with the current college education system - elevating it rather than challenging it.” -Mayank Arora, Founder, Elite Techno Groups

Type 2

Elite Techno Groups is a pioneer in upskilling in Industry 4.0 technology with an aim to make students become industry ready during their undergraduate. We are a 9-year-old company & trained 1.5 Lac + Engineers across 800+ Colleges being the only company to have an association with SAEINDIA for skilling core engineers. Our team has worked with the Ministry of Defence on projects related to Automotive & recognized by the Ministry of Education and MSME.

Type 3

ETG boasts of a 9 years long experience during which we have upskilled more than 1.5 Lac+ students across 19+ countries including Germany, France, USA, etc. through our upskilling/ training programs. With over 95% of Placement Rate ETGians are working in more than 350+ organizations with a CTC range of 5.5 LPA to 40 LPA. Some of the best companies where our students are contributing to engineering are - Tesla, Audi, Google, Microsoft, Ather, Honda, Ola Electric, etc.

  • Domain of expertise

  • Advance CAE Design using Machine Learning

  • Electric Vehicle & Design

  • Mechatronics, Robotics & Industrial Automation with ML

  • Data Science with Python, ML & AI

  • Full Stack Development"


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