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Featured By Stay Featured: Dr Santosh Bhardwaj

Dr Santosh Bhardwaj, a physiotherapist by profession, has been serving and helping people to get well for the last 15 years.

His father's name is Mr Gorelal Bhardwaj and his mother's name is Smt Sukhani Devi Bhardwaj.

His birthplace is - village- pachari ,akaltara janjgir champa Chhattisgarh

He is a very kind-hearted and helpful person. His life's main motive is to spread happiness and positivity.

For visiting him, his clinic's address is

Korba chhattisgarh, HIG 12 BEHIND NIHARIKA TALKIES



"I would see my father & mother seeking happiness out of helping the people of our village with minor injuries and since then, I wanted to do the same. I wanted to help people and give them access to good medical care."

One of the very few professions in the world that are truly noble is the one of a doctor. In a country such as India, the status of a doctor is that of next to God. Pursuing this rigorous training and education is a form of true worship that only a few have the dedication to go through. One such personnel is Dr Santosh Bharadwaj. Serving as a physiotherapist at the Gurukripa Physiotherapy Centre in Korba, Dr Santosh is an ambassador of the spectacles this profession can bring into people's lives.

Even with family financial struggles and a hectic school schedule, Santosh never gave up on his true passion. With a zeal for helping people and an exceptional interest in biology, Santosh pursued the subject to its core where he encountered his zeal for MBBS. Due to some personal reasons, he couldn't get into an MBBS college, but instead, found his true calling-his true purpose. Graduating with a merit score from Bilaspur, with a Bachelor in Physiotherapy degree, Santosh started his career as a Physiotherapist intern at the Korba Hospital in Chhattisgarh. Later practising for five years at the Sing Nursing Hospital, Korba he gained and garnered his skills in physiotherapy. Moving further in his career, he started the Gurukripa Physiotherapy Centre in Korba where he is currently serving society at the best.

During his early life, he has often witnessed his fellow villagers struggling to access good health care facilities and services. Growing up, Santosh saw his fellow villagers and people around going to cities to get proper medical treatment. He wanted to bring those facilities to the rural areas. He aspired to help people and get them access to good and readily functional health care systems. To follow his dream, he started organizing small workshops and health-care camps in the villages where people could get professional check-ups free of cost. His services helped numerous people in the village to identify and address their problems and acquire adequate medication.

After practising as a Physiotherapist, Dr Santosh realized that there isn't much awareness of physiotherapy in rural areas. He felt and acknowledged the need to spread awareness amongst the people. For the same, he started hosting and organizing free camps in the local hospitals. Santosh's camps would procure a remarkable response from the local public as people from nearby villages also joined the camp.

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