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The Inspirational Achiever of the Week - Dr. Magy Ali Hijazi

The Inspirational Achiever of the week is the versatile, dynamic, meritorious and supremely talented Dr Magy Ali Hijazi who has myriad feathers in her cap.

Dr Magy Hijazi is a Country Advisor of Positive Thoughts from Lebanon.

Dr Magy Hijazi was born at Byblos (Jubeil) - Lebanon. She is 32 years old. Since she was a child, her life was challenging, but she worked hard and always had a special school record. Till she reached university, she had a dream to work in the Biology field in addition to the technology domain. She got Master Research in Molecular Cell Biology (Immunology) from the Lebanese University, Ecole Doctorate of Sciences and Technology (EDST). She is now a biology Educator for 12 years in addition to being a Technology trainer.

She has been recognized as a Global Teacher Award 2020 Winner from AKS Education Awards, a Winner of the 1st Rank in public schools in the Lebanese Innovative Educator for 2 consecutive years, a Microsoft Innovative Educator Master Trainer, a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert, Minecraft Global Mentor, a Microsoft Office Specialist, a Microsoft Certified Educator, a Microsoft global connection participant in addition to being a speaker in many Global webinars.

Moreover, she is an Expert member at the Experts Committee and an Expert Member at the Edtech & Innovation Committee of the Digital Transformation Network in Lebanon.

In addition, she is Lebanon’s coordinator and trainer chosen by ATIE in cooperation with Alecso at ArabcodeWeek, Lebanon’s coordinator at Arab week of Innovation, Lebanon’s coordinator at Education bind Group and a Wakelet Ambassador.

In her journey, she is also an Academic Judge at the Global Training Academy: Science & Technology Symposium (Category: Science and Innovation), Asia Director of IDYM Foundation, a Professional Member of the Institute of Global Professionals, Lebanon’s Edukos Unite of Scholars GoodWill Endorser, Lebanon’s Coordinator of Global Education Network and an Honorary Member21st-century of the Global Educators Fraternity. She is also Lebanon’s Coordinator at Chilparco International, and a Global Peace Ambassador.

Being well prepared from the Microsoft educator community, she was ready for any lockdown before it even occurred. She was the first in her region to be, with her students, well prepared for corona pandemic lockdown and even able to train her colleagues in implementing the 21st-century skills and on using Microsoft tools like Microsoft teams and forms.

In Education, she uses all the 21st-century learning design skills, knowing that she has finished all the related courses requirements and started with the application strategies. She also globalizes her classroom through skype sessions with classrooms in other countries and she uses the available technological tools to conduct the information in a student-centred classroom. From Augmented to virtual reality, PowerPoint presentations, to workshops with global organizations and many other available tools

She believes in the power of education and that every student is unique and deserves to show his/her abilities thus she discovers the hidden talents of her students and she gives them the chance to succeed not only in the taught subject but also in life in general. Her students participated in national and global competitions and she supports them to be winners and showcase their abilities outside the classroom as well.

She is very grateful for what she has achieved, but still has the ambition to achieve more and miles to go before she sleeps.

Her inspirational journey inspires us that as human beings we all want to think out of life success and happiness. All of us are the winners and our idea of success may be different from others but there is one big factor that all of us must learn to deal with it if we are to be successful and happy. The one common nomination to success and happiness is other people's winning attitude. And this is the purpose of one’s criteria of being happy and contended.

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The article is written by Ms Divya Vats (Content Manager of Positive Thoughts)


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