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Blockbuster Global Conference with World leaders!!

Positive Thoughts is coming up with yet another Blockbuster Global Conference on Sunday, 30th January’22, 06 pm IST through Zoom and the conference will be also showcased on the official Facebook page of Positive Thoughts.

It is one of the biggest conferences and many eminent guests are joining from all across the globe to discuss a very vital topic which needs of the hour “Life Skills before Life Slips”

In today’s time, Positive Thoughts do not need any introduction, but for the new readers, we are sharing some insights about Positive Thoughts, that it is one of the leading Global Community.

“Positive Thoughts Family” is a Procert UK ISO certified, GST Registered firm, Registered under the Ministry of MSME, Government of India, along with many International Collaborations. It is a Global Community of Speakers and Trainers, Coaches, Educationist, Healers, Authors, Social Activist from across India and from more than 50 different countries, on a mission to learn, connects, share and bridge the gap between Brands/Organizations/Nations and will work on the Mission of Empowerment for ” STRESS-FREE EDUCATION & LIFE.”

This Elite Executive community is for all the minded Positive People from all across the globe, who want to Share, Inspire, and help each other to grow their successes together by empowering one another.

This conference is going to be the biggest because it would be moderated by none other than Dr Gaurav Sharma – Founder & CEO of Positive Thoughts Consulting & Training Solutions, Co-founder, 28 Credentials of Entrepreneur, Malaysia. He is a multi-award-winning Motivational Speaker, Life Coach and Social Activist by heart. We all are also going to witness the moderation of Dr Supriya Kumaravelan – Chairperson of Positive Thoughts, International Speaker, Communication & Leadership Coach, Softskills Trainer, Global Motivational & Keynote Speaker. International Host/Moderator, and a Social Activist.

Let’s take a deep dive into the theme and the flow of this Global conference –

Theme – Life Skills before Life slips

Team Positive Thoughts will be talking about essential life skills like communication and interpersonal skills, decision making and problem-solving skills, creative and critical thinking, self-awareness and empathy along with many other skills which are the need The first for an hour.

We are going to witness the gracious presence of Maj. Gen. (Dr.) Vikram Dev Dogra - Ironman of Indian Army, Awarded with the “Ati Vishisht Seva Medal” (AVSM). He is a recipient of the “Sword of Honor” and a Gold Medalist from Indian Military Academy (IMA) who has served 41 years in Uniform. He is a Global Motivational and TEDx Speaker. He is also the Chief Mentor of Positive Thoughts. He is going to share his pearls of wisdom as a Chief Guest in this Global Conference.

Along with Maj. Gen. (Dr.) Vikram Dev Dogra, AVSM, Conference will be enlightened by Various eminent Guests of Honor and Speakers from all across the globe

First guest of honour is Dr Pramod Kumar Rajput (Co-Chairperson of Positive Thoughts), who is a seasoned corporate professional with a rich experience of over 40 years in pharmaceutical & Healthcare, Sales & Marketing while working as Sr. Vice President & Vertical Head in Cadila Pharmaceuticals Limited, an Indian multinational Leading Pharmaceutical Company, based at Ahmedabad. He always believes in building teams to build a business. He has launched many brands, Divisions & converted them into blockbuster brands & arrowhead divisions in Organisation from acute to chronic therapy. He has given many leaders to the industry while nurturing & supporting them in their career heading to the topmost positions & he is a part of multiple Educational Institutions as their advisory board. He believes that sharing is Caring .

The second guest of honour is Dr Tania Simmons from the USA. She is the International Director of Positive Thoughts. She is a Global Entrepreneur, International Humanitarian, Empowerment Speaker and a Professional Educator. She has Results-driven with a forward-thinking approach centred on company success and competitive growth. Demonstrated record of success in building successful teams and Managing profitable operations. Accomplished well-versed in assessing risk, developing solutions and implementing Positive changes to achieve sustainability and growth in challenging market conditions.

The third Guest is Ms MireilleToulekima. She is the Country Advisor of Positive Thoughts (PT) from Australia. She is an Award-winning Global Entrepreneur, Thought Leader, Global Influencer, Global Energy and STEM consultant, Women empowerment advocate, International Speaker, published author online talk show host and producer who gained her experience working in a range of technical and leadership roles. She has lived and worked across 4 continents (Africa, Asia, Europe and Oceania) and carries out empowerment work internationally.

The fourth guest of honour is Ms Puja Talesara Bhandari from Singapore. She is the Deputy Country Advisor of PT from Singapore. She is a Personal leadership coach, Writer, Organisation development consultant and edupreneur. She is humbled to be mentored by John Mattone (Ex-coach of Steve jobs)

Puja has over a decade of rich demonstrated accomplished experience in human resources with revered Mnc and family-owned businesses. In her corporate stint, she was the youngest leader in the leadership role. She is being consistently appreciated and recognised for her work in the millennial leadership space on various global platforms. Her life trajectory was published in Stories of Asia, Singapore and was amongst the top 5 stories which resonated deeply across all generations.

The next guest of honour is Dr Inderjit Singh from the USA. He is the Mentor of Positive Thoughts. He is a consultant with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Montreal, Canada, a specialized agency in the United Nations. He has served in senior-level diplomatic positions in several countries of Asia, South-East Asia, the Middle East, Africa and South America in the development of Aviation infrastructure. He was the CEO of Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGIA), New Delhi. He was selected among the 12 “Global Impact Leaders 2020” By an accreditation group in London. He has been honoured to be the “Global Influencer 2021” among 21 Influencers Worldwide, a rare occurrence of having been selected twice in two consecutive years.

The next guest of honour is Dr Emi Rajalaxmi Alan, who is Malaysian born and is now residing in the United Kingdom. She represents Positive Thoughts as The Country Advisor for United Kingdom.

Dr Emi Alan is an International Best Selling Author, Guinness World Record Holder, International Motivational Speaker, Life Coach, Model, Host, Entrepreneur and a World Traveller.

She has coached & trained many lives across the Globe in having Self Confidence to achieve their dreams despite the challenges of life.

She has travelled to more than 55 World Top Best Attractions and lives by the principle “The World is Beautiful, The World is Here For You & The World Needs You!!!

After Dr Emi Alan, we have our next guest Ms Pooja Saran, who is a Passionate Core Behavioral Investigator, Clnc. Hypnotherapist, NLP Master Practitioner (ABNLP), a Master Handwriting Expert (USA), Certified Body Language expert (UK), Emotional Intelligence Coach (UK). She is also the Mentor of Positive Thoughts. She works with Teenagers, Parents and Professionals, understanding how the brain works in different phases of life and how to take charge of life in every step. She conducts global training and her program TACT – “The Aware and Competent Tribe” is running in schools for teachers, Parents and Young Adults, bringing life-changing awareness in schools and families.

After Ms Pooja Saran, we will have our guest Mr Von Eric Tandoc from Canada. A professional speaker, author, teacher and facilitator, Von Eric Tandoc is a natural leader, influencer, coach and founder of Confidently Speaking Institute. He is also the Deputy Country Advisor of Positive Thoughts from Canada.

2019 saw him found “ Paper Planes”, and initiate a book drive of children’s and professional level publications which were donated to his Alma Mater.

Combining a sense of responsibility with gentleness and humour, he states his mission clearly, according to him he was born to bring out the best in people by sharing his experience in the mechanics and dynamics of confident communication so that others can realize their dream.