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The Inspirational Achiever of the Week-Dr. Mitsu Chavda

The Inspirational Achiever of the Week is the versatile, dynamic, meritorious and supremely talented Dr Mitsu Chavda who has myriad feathers in her cap.

Dr . Mitsu Chawda is also the Manager - Legal Affairs for Positive Thoughts

Dr Mitsu Chavda is a well-known personality from Surat. She is a Facebook influencer with a verified Blue Tick account. She is an Esports lawyer by profession, a solo traveller, biker, a career counsellor, motivational speaker, social media influencer and a sexual wellness whisperer. She is the pioneer in many domains, as the first Esports legal advisor and an Esports Gamer. Her expertise also encompasses Cyber Law, International Law and Esport law.

Let us take a glimpse into her inspirational journey, her stellar professional background and her remarkable achievements.

Her academic and professional credentials include -

• Doctor of Humanities (D.Hum) – from California Public University

• LLB from VT Choksi Law College

• BA from Sheth P.T. Mahila College of Arts and Home science

She has to her credit several distinguished Awards which include

• Gaurav Gurjari Naar Award – Pride of Gujarat

• Noble Asian award – World record foundation

• 2018 Veerta Puraskaar - Global Counter Terrorism Council

Strong social personality – Human Rights Organization

This multi-talented and multifaceted personality has trodden the path less travelled and created a unique niche as an iconic youth leader.

Her ACHIEVEMENTS and accolades include

• Youngest female Solo pan India biker

• Only Gujarati to summit Siachen Glacier

• Only person to be allowed to ride a bike inside president estate premises

• She has been mentioned by Hon. President of India, Shri Ramnath Kovind in his speech at 100 women achievers awards in 2018

• She was invited to the UN as a speaker in "World Emerging Leaders Summit", in Bangkok

Following her passion

As an active human rights activist, she has married her passion with a social cause and ventured on various noble missions. Her major accomplishment was “Ride for Soldiers “on November 26 from Surat where she covered 17000 km-102 cities-65 days. This remarkable journey was lauded by the honourable President of India. The motto of this journey was, to make people aware of the brave paraplegic soldiers and their achievements in sports and higher studies, despite their physical challenges.

As the torchbearer of the selfless sacrifice of these brave soldiers, she visited schools and colleges giving lectures to students and telling them about the brave paraplegic soldiers and their commendable resilience in continuing with their service and excelling in academics and sports at both the national and international level.

She also has the rare honour of receiving high commendations from illustrious dignitaries and renowned personalities like

• Hon. President of India, Shri Ramnath Kovind.

• Hon. Rajnath Singh, Home Minister of India.

• Smt. Nirmala Seetharaman, Defence Minister of India.

• Hon. Purusottam Rupala, Mos.

As a crusader of mental health, she is Scripting benchmarks, spreading awareness on

1. Prevention of suicide and drugs

2. Anti depression and anxiety

3. Youth empowerment

4. Women empowerment

Being a motivational speaker, she firmly believes that “nowadays youngsters commit suicide over little things whereas our soldiers who conquered depression with their positivity and represent themselves on an international level. Our new generation should learn from them how to conquer the depression.

“I want to request today’s youth not to get frustrated with their lives on small things. Many people are committing suicide for a mobile phone or over a love affair. Life is precious. All of us can bring changes in others' lives through some efforts,” She says.

Dr Chavda has also crowdfunded and Donated Rs. 202,165.57/- To Paraplegic Rehabilitation Centre for Armed Forces.

Her Campaign and untiring efforts have gained applause from far and wide, including the Indian Army, the President of India, Defence Minister of India, Home Minister of India, and the Chief Ministers and Deputy Chief Ministers of all states.

In a bid to honour the spirit of ‘soldiering,’ the Indian Army observed 07th June 2018 as the “Year of Disabled Soldiers in Line of Duty!” exactly after 5 months of the completion of her ride.

She is a quintessential achiever, an epitome of knowledge and courage who believes in busting stereotypes and etching her unique footprints in the sands of time.

Biking into the Future,

Mitsu believes that life is a beautiful gift, and it is essential for us to realize our higher goal or purpose in life. Mitsu also aspires to raise awareness among the youth of the country to be emotionally stronger. She desires to empower the youth to make the right decisions and not get trapped in trivial situations.

In life, we need to rise above the mundane and ordinary have a higher vision and strive to find the one thing that adds value to our life!

The article is written by Dr Priti Shrimal (Advisory Board and Content Manager of Positive Thoughts)

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