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From Piya to Piya the makeup artist-Pranita Waghere

I have come across many people, friends, family and clients asking me why and how I got into this field of artistry. So Yes everyone has a story to tell maybe grand or humble, we all have had experiences that have shaped us into the person that we are today. My story of why and how I became a makeup artist….

In the Frame : Pranita Waghere With her Mother and Sister

So soon after 12th grade, I was thinking of choosing a career option for myself, being a bit lazy in studies I always wanted to be exceptional and didn’t want to join the rat race. So from several options, I thought of opting for my mother’s old hobby of being a beautician because that fascinated me.

In the frame :  Pranita Waghere 

I started from very basic but that didn’t give me much pleasure felt quite a distress, but soon heard the humming voice of a makeup artistry course nearby, without any second thought I grabbed the opportunity and started learning the skill of beautifying the souls. Firstly I started with Ujwala mam learnt and assisted her for almost 6 months. Later I kept learning from renowned artists all over India from Rohini mam. I also utilised the pandemic period in learning from various online platforms and online courses like jasmine beauty care, Amrit Kaur artistry etc While learning I was overjoyed and thrilled with the experience and felt immense pleasure. Kept learning, practising and improvising my skills.

This Photo is taken from make up catalogue of Pranita Waghere

A significant thing I would like to share here is, every parent wants their kid to have some basic platform, has a degree from renowned and reputed universities, but then my mother never had that mindset. To my surprise, she gave astonishing support to my decision of not joining the rat race and jumping into the world of business competition at a very younger age.

At such young age, I faced many issues taking decisions where my mother and sister stood strong behind me every time even in my lows. They are the ones who motivated me, build the confidence within me. I can surely say they are my strongest 2 wheels on which my life and Piya the makeup artist ride on. It’s not like I stopped studying, in parallel I completed my graduation and now perusing masters. I am blessed with the best mentors and teachers who guided, supported and trained me. Within 2 years I was well recognized locally. I am 100% sure most of them won’t believe or even imagine the fact that the person behind me who assist me rather better to say my hairstylist is none other than my mother who gave a great rebound to her hobby and now at this age she works full time with me. Hats off to her and yes the woman behind my success. I work with so many people across sectors like photographers, reel stars and even celebrities who are in mere shock when they experience this overwhelming support.

Most of them won’t believe that a girl with minimum makeup needs, who had difficulty in putting a simple stroke of eyeliner for herself, would successfully turn into a makeup artist one fine day. I developed a great passion and interest in beautifying, making up and enhancing beauty.

Makeup can give the confidence, to change lives and evoke smiles even in tears (I do experience in every wedding function). For me Makeup is special. It helped me through dark days, it taught me to have fun and even experience the worst but then just a look in the mirror, wipe it away and start fresh.

Long way ahead, still developing, empowering, growing, learning, falling and rising back. It’s now my full-time job, It has given me wings to fly at such a younger age of 21, where I perfectly know the struggles of a small business, days of the pandemic, nevertheless, I took a plunge and stood up high with my very own “PIYA The Makeup Studio”, Not only makeup but also a rental boutique. I noticed most of my clients facing issues choosing the right set of jewellery, costume, florals for multiple functions.

This Photo is taken from make up catalogue of Pranita Waghere

So I decided to extend my business to help my clients through their most important days and after all great satisfaction comes from sharing things and making clients super happy here my sister and mother assists me and take care of the boutique.

My social network has grown considerably as my hard work and consistency is paying off. But I won’t stop here, many more milestones to achieve, any hurdles to cross and moments to live. Everyone has their endeavour, it depends on how to take it, how to overcome each situation and the circumstances that make our endeavour meaningful.

That’s all my journey of Pranita Waghere from Piya to Piya the makeup artist.

Here's the link to my account. Check it out

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