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Rommal Surana : " The Journey of Nanhaagyaan Foundation"

Have you the movie " Taare Zammen Par"? Do you remember Ishaan Awasthi's character? Ishaan was a boy who seemed to not interested in studies. He would not do things independently. He was always out of the class for some sort of mischief. He would enjoy his imagination and creativity.

If we look at this character, we may say," the child is careless." The reality was different. His neuron was differently wired. What would understand as A for a red apple, he may not! It would be easy for you to understand the difference between the letters "b" and "d". It is difficult for a child who has challenges in reading and writing. This learning disability is called "Dyslexia".

Why am I telling you about Dyslexia? the only reason is that. I have experienced the physical, mental, and emotional challenges of being a child with a learning disability.

I am Rommal Surana- founder and director of Nanhaagyan Foundation. As a child, I have suffered, at all levels to cope with the environment. The confidence goes for the toss, I looked like a rebel who was not interested in studies. Children with learning disabilities are normal. Earlier it was difficult to identify this and work on it. As per statistic, 20% of students in every class suffers through it. They go unnoticed. They only require help.

While pursuing my certification in child and adolescent counseling I realized I am a person with a learning disability. By this time I was already a "Gold Medalist" in MBA. I worked with JP Morgan Chase. I was a Certified handwriting analyst and was a mother of a son who was 2 years. The day I realized the reason why I behaved in a particular manner in my childhood. I decided to be a better mother to my son. Understanding this subject better and being able to help children.

I started freelancing as I had no experience in teaching. I started with summer and winter camps, tutoring children with academics. While doing so I noticed that there is no awareness of this subject. The stakeholders in the child's life - Parents, teachers, schools, and society were not aware or didn't know what needs to be done. Keeping all in mind I started with "Nahaagyaan Foundation". Initially, it was for my society's children only. I have worked with them differently by keeping them engaged in multiple activities. Slowly we got recognition and we started spreading our wings from a just - society to the area to city now in different cities and countries too.

Nanhaagyaan Foundation works for the mental and emotional health of every individual. Having said that we are a counseling firm. We help parents, individuals, children, and teenagers who are going through different challenges like depression, learning challenges, or behavioral issues. We listen and the untold stories. As society is evolving there are different other challenges that need to be addressed as gadget addition in children and parents, values and ethics decreasing from childhood, creating awareness of societal problems like plastic separation from the base, use of eco-friendly items in daily life. These are different programs that we conduct in schools and societies.

We are also in special needs and learning disabilities where we help them, young kids, to overcome the challenge. We guide parents of special needs and students.

We have five pillars in Nanhaagyaan on which we work constantly

1) Counselling

2) Kids galaxy magazine - Developing the reading habit in children and encouraging them to express themselves. We publish an e-magazine every month. In this magazine, we incorporate the different topics that will help parents, educators, and children. We showcase the talent and work of the children.

3) Competitions - We arrange monthly multiple competitions and annual inter-school.

4) Awards and recognitions - We award the people behind the curtain like the non-teaching staff of the school, counselors, therapists, healers, and so on.

5) Training and workshop - We conduct multiple workshops and training sessions on various topics for schools and parents.

In this journey of five years, we have touched the lives of 45000 people through our programs, competitions, sessions, training, and counseling. We strive to continue our mission to spread real smiles in society.

At Nanhaa Gyan Foundation we have always worked to help individuals with their holistic development. And focused on their mental well-being through various workshops and services that we provide.

If you wish to contribute or get associated with them for any other causes, activities in the future kindly connect with Rommal Surana, Founder of Nanhaa Gyan Foundation on +917709047790


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