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RootsUp: The Futuristic Journey of 13-year-old Entrepreneur Adeetya Jain

What is RootsUp and what does it provide?

RootsUp is a budding startup founded by Adeetya Jain, a 13-year-old. It is an e-learning platform that enables them to introduce kids to Indian heritage and culture through online classes and courses. They are trying to grow our company with a long term vision. They highly believe in consistency and quality. They are trying to create the next big project in India with an absolutely new concept and a drive to make it impactful.

What kind of problems are Solved By RootsUP?

There are various problems RootsUp is solving. According to Adeetya, today kids are digitally active and in two words have become ‘techno freaks. Well that all is very good but parents today are not able to introduce kids to their own culture and heritage. This is because of various reasons. It might be because of their daily hustle and tight schedule. RootsUp does not blame their parents. Rather it is looking to make this easy for them. The world thinks technology is the factor of progression but on the contrary, Adeetya thinks that understanding and applying the lessons we get from our rich traditions in today’s modern world must be the new outlook to progression. We, Indians are leaving away the legacy of Indian Heritage. Indians are undervaluing India and its significance in today’s world. India is the hub of knowledge and everyone is a recipient of that knowledge. RootsUp helps propagate information from Indian Vedic scriptures like Vedas, shastras, Upanishads.

Why Adeetya started RootsUp?

Adeetya personally has always been intrigued by Indian mythology. Luckily he was introduced to various customs and stories from the elders. It helps him understand the greatness and depth of Indian culture. Another thing that he loves is the beautiful balance of Diversity and Unity in India in the Vedic times.

There are different traditions, festivals, and food in all directions in India but yet there was this strong bond that kept the Vedic people united. Adeetya wanted to share this essence with children. He first ventured into the deep study of Indian culture and tradition. Then, he saw the relevance of it in today’s world. But to his surprise, all these factors were absent in the 21st Century. It is because the whole such knowledge was not transferred from one generation to another. He saw the loophole and set out on a mission to regain Indian Culture’s glory.

Support provided by others:

Adeetya says he is deeply humbled and grateful that he was supported by many people for who he has a great deal of respect. By god’s grace, he has loving, supportive, encouraging and motivating parents. Adeetya's mother, Paayal Jain and father, Mohit Jain have played the greatest roles in nurturing this idea. He says that they believed in the idea from its early stages till it transformed itself into a fresh startup. Adeetya tells us that his father keeps saying that he has a winner on his hand and drives him to make this a greater project. Adeetya's mom’s love, conviction, creativity, is the reason why RootsUp is formed. Adeetya's mother has been there and helped him in every stage of making RootsUp. From the logo to his website or his presentations to content ideas, Adeetya's parents have been the main force behind all this. Then there are Adeetya's business mentors, teachers, and my other mates who he got a chance to learn and make something new from YEA. They gave the perfect business perspective. They were there from day one when they started hunting for ideas to make the whole startup work. Along the way, Adeetya got a chance to meet some leading people in the business world, learn from them and get that perfect business acumen through evaluating their experiences. Adeetya would like to thank them too. For Adeetya, without faith, family and mentors, RootsUp would still have been an idea.

The journey of making RootsUp:

According to Adeetya, making RootsUp from its grassroots level to a workable business was an unforgettable journey. It included brainstorming, sleepless nights, tears of both joy and exhaustion. Along with his parents and mentors, he was able to pave a way to make RootsUp a real deal. His interest in entrepreneurship was always high. Adeetya loved solving problems. This whole journey started when he got enrolled in YEA. Adeetya says he is a hustler. He likes things fast and sweet. Luckily he got a problem that he thought he could solve. Along with his mother, he found out the name, RootsUp(Increasing your knowledge about your roots/culture). He started working in an organized way and covered all the steps for opening a business.

Adeetya was constantly aided by my YEA Mentors and he also got in the process of making my logo, social media handles and investor presentation. He did his market research through surveys and focus groups. Content Creation was an integral part. Then he made his content modules. Adeetya says his mother plays a big part in giving everything a final touch which gives him an edge over his competition. He was well versed with my financial projections, sales, possible customer acquisition cost etc. because of his father. Adeetya remembered that he wanted to give an ‘Essence of India’ box to his investors. Adeetya tells us he accumulated everything he wanted to put in the box along with my mother. He was jubilant that he had a credible business model and an absolutely new idea. He even got a cash prize of 20000 rupees for my idea. But this is just the beginning. RootsUp believes in ‘Consistency in Quality’. RootsUp want to make every child proud about his/her culture, heritage and history

Content Creation:

Content creation was one of the hardest yet exciting parts of making RootsUp according to Adeetya. He wanted to create exclusive content for which he had researched. Luckily he had his parents who gave great inputs along the way. He wanted everything to be new. He said that all stories, quizzes, facts from shastras and Upanishads ought to be fun, new, and of course quality. Adeetya peeped into various links and books which would give me more knowledge about such things. Then he first gathered all the information he wanted to share with children. He then re-organized it into modules for clarity. Now Adeetya has really good content and this makes RootsUp really unique.

Spreading word/What RootsUP currently provide us? :

Adeetya wants to make this firm really big. He has a very big vision for this and looks at this whole idea as a project and initiative. He says that RootsUp's profit is indirectly every other family's profit. Adeetya believes in support. Looking at education from another perspective is important. RootsUp wants to spread its vision to the masses. More than customers RootsUp hopes for support, understanding and tolerance of their vision and purpose from their customers according to Adeetya, RootsUp provides everything a child can need in an online class. They make sure the class is not dull with constant interaction. Currently, RootsUp has a wide range of classes, courses, workshops for which kids can enrol for. They even have an option of customizing your child’s course. Along with these classes, RootsUp partners with schools and organizations too. Before every course, they even have a trial/demo class.

What is unique about RootsUp?

RootsUp's whole vision is unique. The main topic they have chosen has not been covered in such a format. There are only a few small courses that cover Indian heritage and culture. Adeetya says their content is credible. RootsUp has identified a problem and solved it. That is what a product/service should do. Adeetya tells us that no one figured out this problem. RootsUp encourages change but with an element of tradition, system and culture. They are making a community of learned, pro-Indian, culturally strong kids who use their lessons, values from these classes to become better global citizen. This is what is different. RootsUp is providing a new perspective to education.

What is the purpose of RootsUp?

RootsUp wants to introduce kids to Indian culture and heritage to invoke a sense of patriotism in them. They want to remind them of Indian Vedic customs and why it must be preserved. The main idea of Vedic India, its scripture and lifestyle and how it is different from today. The nation must unite again for the welfare of everyone. This thought is what RootsUp wants to signify. Today people think nations are way ahead of India but the truth is that India’s heritage was the richest. RootsUp will describe India, its features, its exotic land, its advancement in the fields of science and maths, the essence of dharma so that kids get inspired to discover more. RootsUp wants to create a child who has an Indian soul, an Indian mind and an Indian heart. RootsUp will share the lessons of love, harmony, welfare, and statecraft for the progress of the world.

What is the vision of RootsUp?

RootsUp vision is to create a group of pro-India kids who value their culture and use learnings from the rich Vedic age of India for the welfare of themselves, other people and this nation. A child with an ‘Indian Mind, Indian Soul, Indian Heart’.


Social Media Links/Contact:

Instagram: @rootsup_india, Contact: 9321152011, Mail:,


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