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Featured By Stay Featured : Boskye Jain, Mind behind Missy N Baby

Myself Boskye Jain, mother of 2 beautiful angels. I own a Women’s clothing firm, Missy N Baby. At Missy N Baby we have a variety of ethnic wear, Premium cotton wear, kids collection, luxurious bathing collection and many more varieties. We connect to local artisans and get the best variety in clothes and the best possible designer wear for our privileged clients at wholesale rates.

I decided to start my business when I was ready with sufficient market research and work experience at other successful companies. My father has always been my strongest pillar and support for my business and my decisions. He is a very successful businessman and I am blessed to have him as “My GURU” and learn all the big and small things in business from him.

The next strong support behind my success and who makes me stand strong Is My husband. It wouldn’t have been possible for me to fulfil all business demands as an entrepreneur without my husband's support.

I started my work with a very small group of local artisans. Getting the best of the best in fabrics and designs from places of their speciality and their manufacturing.

A few years and I had all the best manufacturers with superior quality of output.

I have always struggled to get the best product at the best wholesale rates for my customers.

Being a sole proprietor I had to work hard on understanding customers' needs and also identify the potential of my product. I had to set my goals to always keep the financial losses to a minimum and find niche markets which I might have not known about.

It was a very happy and proud moment to receive Maa award as this award recognized a mother and an entrepreneur as well in me.

It is an emotional as well as a proud moment for me to hold this award in my hand. As this award is for a mother and a successful entrepreneur.

I believe that each sunrise and sunset gives us a lot of experiences and teach us many things in life.

A few years back I had visited local artisans and weavers, and looking at the efforts they take at the base stage I was stunned. Our local artisans just need support n proper reach out in the market. It was then I decided to take their creations to market.

I am thankful to Sejal Ray for coming up

With these awards where a woman is praised for being a mother as well as an entrepreneur.

I know Thank You is a very small word for everything. But I truly mean it. Thanking each one of you to be supportive and cheering all the women entrepreneurs.

Believe in your dreams... you are more powerful than what you know ...Trust your capabilities..finally, success is waiting for you ...

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