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Meet Versatile Achiever -Vilma Da Luz Barbosa

Team Stay Featured is feeling proud to introduce you to an English Teacher, International Speaker and Moderator--Vilma Da Luz Barbosa.

She is the Country Advisor of Positive Thoughts from Brazil!!

Vilma Da Luz Barbosa. was also declared as Positive Thoughts Achiever Of the Week on 27th December 2021.

She was born in Brazil, South America, where Portuguese is the only language spoken, but her love for English changed her life completely.

Vilma is happily married and has a 4-year-old adorable daughter. She is graduated in languages - Portuguese, Spanish and English. She is also a Post Graduate in English teaching language. She has been working as an English Teacher for 16 years now. She has also worked in public and private schools, as well as private English course Schools.

She was born in a countryside poor family with four kids, mom and dad.

When she was thirteen years old, her parents moved to a ranch whose owner was an English teacher (he had his school). She loved helping her parents do all the stuff around the house such as planting tomatoes, taking care of the sheep and goats...

One day teacher Dedé (his nickname) asked her whether or not she would like to study in his school. Vilma told him that it would be a dream for her but unfortunately, her parents wouldn't be able to pay for that, then Dede told her that he would give Vilma a 100% scholarship since she was so dedicated to everything.

Then she got started and studied hard. Vilma tried to be one of his best students, as it was the only way she could pay him. AND SHE DID!

When Vilma was seventeen her family and she moved downtown and Vilma got a job as a server in a restaurant.

Once more teacher Dedé played an important role in her life, he suggested entering college and studying to be an English teacher, but again Vilma told him she didn't have money for that.

He told her, it's possible to study at a university and pay just a small fee or nothing for that.

Vilma entered college and a year later, She was offered a vacancy to teach English in a private school.

She gave up working in the restaurant and started her career as an English teacher.

According to her, She was afraid of that, as she didn't have any experience, just her love for that language which had brought the chance for new opportunities and a better life for her.

She worked in many different schools: public and private ones.

Then she got the chance to work where she is currently working today. She has been there for nine years.

She has been to MINNESOTA on an Exchange Program to practice English, also went to New York to learn more about the American Culture, So that she could have a better understanding and can teach her students English in real life.

She is an International English Teacher at “SKYENG”. She has been taking part in many Webinars, Seminars and Conferences as International Speaker, Moderator, to learn more about communicating and teaching English, as that’s her only passion – “LEARNING AND SHARING”.

She is also associated with various other organizations at a respected position –

1. She is a Global Ambassador at Global Research Foundation

2. Cultural Escrassador – Brazil at Chilparco International

3. Country Co-ordinator at Global Educators Fraternity

4. Global Community Leader at Global Education Network

5. Youth Exchange Program Officer at Botary International

6. Community/Country Co-ordinator at Global Teacher’s Club

7. Executive Member at Cloral Edu-Leaders

8. Global Member at Cloral Educators Line

9. International Advisory Member at Keyes Education

10. Executive Director- Brazil at IDYM, and many more to add on her credits.

Vilma found out that she had made the right choice in her life and she feels complete doing that.

Most of her students did not know a word in English when they first came to her classes and then a little later, they're able to understand and communicate with others.

She taught them that they could learn and communicate by believing in themselves and never giving up attitude. She said, If I learned English with no technology just a pen and paper, imagine them with all the technology we have available today and for free.

She has been working on lots of international projects, in which her students can communicate with people from all over the World through online meetings, Emails, Letters, audios, videos and so on.

She also teaches her students to be confident and to believe in themselves, then surely they can go where,

No one has gone before.

Vilma realized that she can change lives by teaching English. She could be an angel into someone's life, same as teacher Dedé was in her's. Million thanks to him, today she can communicate with anyone, she is an International teacher, Speaker and Moderator taking part in Global Conferences.

Her words for the readers - I can meet wonderful people around the world and learn a lot with them and so my students!

The article is written by Dr Anuja Malik (Content Head of Positive Thoughts)

Feel free to connect with Vilma Da Luz Barbosa on the following links

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