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Prospective Rendezvous With Multifaceted Global Icon Dr. Gaurav Sharma

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

Let us all raise the curtains on Wednesday, 29th December 21, 06 pm IST and welcome Dr Gaurav Sharma – Founder & CEO of Positive Thoughts Consulting & Training Solutions and a lively personality who captures the attention of the audience with his charming charisma. The confidence and the expertise that he possesses to welcome all the esteemed personalities under the Positive Thoughts family is needed to be seen, to be believed.

Positive Thoughts is his dream and he has initiated this inspiring platform that works as a one-stop solution for the society that includes all the stakeholders of nation-building - students, parents and educators and as a vision to work on the mission of “STRESS-FREE EDUCATION & LIFE”.

A well-known and respected multi-award-winning Motivational Speaker, Life Coach and Social Activist – He is the Founder and CEO of Positive Thoughts Consulting & Training Solutions, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India and Co-Founder of 28 Credentials of Entrepreneur, Malaysia.

“Positive Thoughts Family” is a Procert U.K. ISO certified, GST Registered firm. Registered under the Ministry of MSME, Government of India, along with many International Collaborations. It is a Global Community of Speakers and Trainers, Coaches, Educationist, Healers, Authors, Social Activist from across India and from almost 50 different countries, on a mission to learn, connects, share and bridge the gap between Brands/Organizations/Nations and will on the mission of empowerment for “STRESS-FREE EDUCATION & LIFE”.

He believes that passion keeps a person motivated and happiness beckons on those who sincerely follow their passion and experience satisfaction in whatever they set out to do. According to his brain thoughts - every one of us achieves our success when we delve deep into our inner selves and the driving force that will lead us to our road to success. It needs to be done with a great deal of understanding with ourselves first.

He chose to take on great risks by leaving his career & becoming a Motivational Speaker because after years of searching and self-discovery he had finally found his purpose.

He believes that our true purpose lies in our success and we need to design life by embracing all the bombardments and enduring hardships with great zeal. His main purpose of existence was that he wishes to lead a life filled with the desire to serve, uplift, and empower people from all walks of life.

After spending close to a decade working in the Education industry, he took the first step in the next leg of his journey by becoming a Certified Life Coach & NLP Practitioner (An approved Training from the American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming). Moreover, he is also a Certified Mind Trainer, Youth Mentor, Parenting Coach, Career Coach, Published Writer and a Social Activist by heart. To his credit, he has been conferred and honoured with more than 20 Honorary Doctorates from various International bodies from across the Globe.

Being a God-loving and a family person – Dr Sharma is actively involved in various initiatives that support contributing and giving back to society and feels this unparalleled contribution more fulfilling.


• General Secretary, National Child and Woman Development Council (NCWDC)

• Associate partner with Sports Academy Association of India

• Well-Being Manager at IELTA, Tunisia, For Global Leadership in Education. (International English Language Teachers Association)

• Associate Partner of World Peace Summit 2021

• Life Coach, The Holistic Living

• International Ambassador of Peace

• Mentor at Dweebs Global, an international NGO, based in The United States Of America

• State Quality Initiative Co-ordinator at Abraham Lincoln Shiksha Society

• Ambassador, The Top Person – An International Business, Politics and NGO Magazine and a Global charity with HUB

• Associated with AB News

• Many more.

Awards & Recognition:

He has been conferred and Honoured with various National and International Awards and Recognition -

• Honoured as “Best Life Coach & Facilitator 2021” in International Glory Awards and received the Award from Mr Sonu Sood (Bollywood Actor)

• Honoured with “Global Achievers Award”

• Honoured as “Emerging Motivational Speaker of the Year” in Global Start-up Summit & Awards 2021.

• Honoured as “Top 50 Inspiring Icons of the Year” in Global Start-up Summit & Awards 2021.

• Honoured as “Best Motivational Speaker of the Year” in International Education Summit & Awards 2021.

• Conferred with “Asia Pride Award 2021”.

• Honoured with "Man of Excellence Award 2021” in National Branding Conclave & Awards 2021.

• Participant of “World Book of Records, London, U.K”, Participated in the Nation Building Project- India’s Largest Career Guidance Digital Conference.

• Participant of “World Book of Records, London, U.K”, Participated in India’s Largest Psychology Conference.

• Received Certificate of commitment from “World Book of Records, London, U.K” to validate his dedicated and relentless commitment for promoting safety against Covid 19 pandemic and pledge to serve the society with honesty and sincerity

• Published Article Writer of “Bharath Vision/Motivational Strips”, World’s No.1 active Writers Forum.

• Upcoming International Co-author of “28 Credentials of Entrepreneur”. Book launching soon in Dubai and other countries.

• More than 100’s of “International Awards and Recognitions” and many more


He has been featured on various National and International platforms -

• Featured in “All India Radio”

• Featured in “News 47”

• Featured in “Live Today News”

• Featured in “Global Business Line Magazine”

• Featured in “Global Achievers Magazine”

• Featured in “Asia Pride Awards Magazine”

• Featured in “Inspiring Icons” Anthology Book

• Featured in “100 Inspiring Indians” Anthology Book

• Published in Romania, Europe in a Worldwide collective Work Book (Volume of Articles and Research Studies) – 21st Century – New Trends in Teaching and online Education during Pandemic TIME, also in an International Magazine in Romania, Europe.

• Many more...

His voice echoes his thoughts and his thoughts have led him to create this amazing platform of Positive Thoughts. According to him, If there has been a single habit that has served him well over his life, It’s been the dedication to growth. To remain curious and committed to learning daily, Is his MANTRA for excellence in your career, at work and happiness in life.

He loves to keep his doors open to learning more and more each day and treasure and cherish all the opportunities by sharing his learning in the best possible ways.


Our Choices define our future. Make powerful choices that will surpass your circumstances and let your past not dictate your future and escalate your experiences so that they do not stifle your imagination.

Let us all watch “THE LION MAN IN ACTION” on his most treasured platform of Positive Thoughts. Let’s all make the event a Blockbuster – A one all session from the words of the young man himself.

The Blockbuster show is going to be hosted by our young, dynamic and versatile – Dr Anuja Malik, a lovely person. She is the Content Head of Positive Thoughts, Certified Communication Coach, Soft Skills Trainer. She has also worked as a Deputy Manager with Reliance Communications.











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