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Sip of Inspiration with Dynamic Global Icon Dr Gaurav Sharma

POSITIVE THOUGHTS CONSULTING & TRAINING SOLUTIONS presented its 30th Episode of Talk Series, ARABICA COFFEE BLOOMS, on December 29th, 2021 at 6:00 PM IST on ZOOM and the official page of "POSITIVE THOUGHTS" on "FACEBOOK LIVE".

"Positive Thoughts Family" is a Procert U.K. ISO certified, GST registered firm. Registered under the Ministry of MSME, Government of India, along with many international collaborations. It is a global community with members from all across India and nearly 50 countries on a mission to learn, connect, share, and bridge the gap between brands/organizations/Nations to empower people for "STRESS-FREE EDUCATION & LIFE".

This Elite Executive group is for all positive speakers, trainers, coaches, educators, healers, authors, and entrepreneurs from across the world who want to share, inspire and support one another to improve their success by empowering one another.

Dr Gaurav Sharma provided the shot of encouragement and optimism during the 30th session of ARABICA

COFFEE BLOOMS by Positive Thoughts and started with a Hindi quotation

" ज़िंदगी में अगर कुछ बड़ा करना है और कुछ हासिल करना है तो भीड़ से तो अलग चलना ही पड़ेगा। भीड़ हमें सुरक्षा तो देती है लेकिन हमारी पहचान छीन लेती है।। जिसने भी किया है कुछ बड़ा वो कभी किसी से नहीं डरा।।"

The Interview was moderated by Dr Anuja Malik. She is a Certified Communication coach, Soft Skills trainer, former deputy Manager at Reliance Communication and Content Head of Positive Thoughts.

Talking about the Guest-

“Dr Gaurav Sharma” is a well known and respected Multi-Award Winning Motivational Speaker, Life Coach & Social Activist. Founder & CEO, Positive Thoughts Consulting & Training Solutions, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India. Co-Founder, 28 Credentials of Entrepreneur, Malaysia.

After spending close to a decade working in the Education Industry, he took the first step in the next leg of his journey by becoming a Certified Life Coach & NLP Practitioner, an approved training from The American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Moreover, He is also a Certified Mind Trainer, Youth Mentor, Parenting Coach, Career Coach, Published Writer & a Social Activist by heart. To his credit, he has been conferred and honoured with more than 20 honorary doctorates from various International bodies from all across the globe.

A God-loving family person, Dr Sharma is actively involved in various initiatives that support contributing and giving back to society and finds the fulfilling feeling unparalleled.

Let us all take a deep dive into his detailed profile:

• He is a General Secretary with National Child and Woman Development Council (NCWDC)

• He is an Associate Partner with the Sports Academy Association of India

• A Well-Being Manager at IELTA, Tunisia, For Global Leadership in Education. (International English Language Teachers Association)

• Associate Partner of World Peace Summit 2021

• International Ambassador of Peace

• Associated with AB News and many more

He has been conferred and honoured with various National and International awards and recognition -

Recently he has been honoured as

• “Best Life Coach & Facilitator” in International Glory Award and received the Award from Sonu Sood (Bollywood Actor)

• Honoured with “Global Achievers Award”

• Honoured as “Emerging Motivational Speaker of the Year” in Global Start-up Summit & Awards 2021

• Honoured as “Top 50 Inspiring Icons of the Year” in Global Start-up Summit & Awards 2021

• Honoured as “Best Motivational Speaker of the Year” in International Education Summit & Awards 2021

• Conferred with “Asia Pride Award 2021”

• Honoured with "Man of Excellence Award 2021” in National Branding Conclave & Awards 2021

• He has been the part of “World Book of Records, London, U.K”, for thrice till now

• Participated in the Nation Building Project- India’s Largest Career Guidance Digital Conference and Largest Psychology Conference

• Also received Certificate of commitment from “World Book of Records

• He is a published Article Writer of”, World’s No.1 active Writers Forum

• And more than hundreds of International awards and recognition……The list goes on and on

He has been featured on various National and International platforms.

• Featured on “All India Radio”

• Featured on “News 47”

• Featured on “Live Today News”

• Featured in “Global Business Line Magazine”

• Featured in “Global Achievers Magazine”

• Featured in “Asia Pride Awards Magazine”

• Featured in “Inspiring Icons” Anthology Book

• Featured in “100 Inspiring Indians” Anthology Book

• Published in Romania, Europe….the List goes on and on.

• Also the upcoming International Co-author of “28 Credentials of Entrepreneur”. And the Book launching will be soon in Dubai.

The session was like an audio biography of Dr Sharma, demonstrating how he faced all of his personal and professional obstacles head-on.

When questioned about his life journey by the host, Dr Anuja, he told his remarkable success in such a way that he encouraged everyone who listened to him. His life has been full of ups and downs, and he has learned that to achieve, he must shift his mindset, stay positive, and follow God's plan for him.

He said, Life is unpredictable and changes in the blink of an eye. All of a sudden you deviate from your goal to handle a situation in your life, start to run in the opposite direction. This direction is the change one has to adapt to and live life and cope with it.

Everyone gets one life but it’s entirely up to us how we want to spend it? Choosing what we want to do is scary but you know what is scarier? REGRET...

He is a person who lives his life to its fullest, He follows his heart to help others, He lives life to create an impact and to never regret in life to do the right things. He said Success is all about straight hunger, straight ambition and straight hustle without any excuses.

It’s all about hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, and most of all, love what you are doing.

He was born and brought up in Delhi, and now residing in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. He was a notorious and mischievous child who grew up in a traditional, disciplined and normal middle-class Business family. Since his childhood, He was fascinated with cars and aspired to become a mechanical engineer. He never allowed his grades to get in the way of his aspirations and always worked hard to pursue them. Despite being an average student in his school, He cleared his Entrance Exam and stepped one step closer to achieving his only dream of becoming a mechanical engineer and got admission in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh. He was doing good during his college days.

His Life was cruising beautifully until a storm hit him hard and ruined the entire direction of his life. During his final semester of engineering, his mother called him and informed him that their family Business has been crashed and his father is in not well, Although he recovered after a while. Being the only Son in his family, He gave up his dream and returned home to fulfil his responsibilities.

After this incident, His life came to a halt. He had to sacrifice his only dream, which crushed him from within. He was in dilemma about what to do or where to begin in life. Despite reaching rock bottom, He backed up himself. He started his career as a canopy boy, where he used earned Rs. 250 per day. After a few months, He landed a job at an international call centre, where he developed as an Individual by learning new things and along with his job, He continued his studies and completed his MBA through distance learning.

During that time he came to truly understand the value of Hard Work and was able to enter into conversations with great minds from diverse backgrounds. He was growing professionally and evolving personally. What he didn’t realise at the time was that the lessons he was learning from his career working in an international call centre, were not only grooming him for further corporate success, but they were preparing him for something far great.

Just when he thought his life is getting back on track, He was hit by another storm that was twice as dangerous as the previous one.

In December 2009, He met with an accident in which his Right thigh, the right elbow was crushed and major head injuries were there. Have more than 80 stitches on his entire body. That was a very difficult time for him and his family. He was bedridden for 3 months. However, in those 3 months, his life was hell because of his circumstances. His thoughts used to eat his brain. He began to believe that he would never see the light in his life. But because of his strong and positive beliefs, He created life and overcame all the hardships life threw at him.

The time after the accident was a major turning point in his life. Those 3 months taught him that he wasn’t the only one who needed motivation, there are many others like him.

From here on, He took an unconventional path of becoming a “Motivational Speaker”

He came to realise that he wanted to lead a life fuelled by the desire to serve, to uplift and empower people from all walks of life.

He chose to take on great risks by leaving his career and becoming a Motivational Speaker because after years of searching and self-discovery he had finally found his purpose.

To initiate his new journey, He began working with Educational Institutions and Colleges, wherein he embarked on new achievements at every stage.

He believes passion keeps a person motivated & people who follow it will always find happiness and satisfaction in whatever they do.

He believes that we each achieve our version of success by getting to know our inner selves & understanding what drives us.

That success is finding our purpose, & then designing a life that embraces it.

He described how he began his dream of inspiring everyone on a global scale, and how he started with Positive Thoughts. All the listeners were captivated and overwhelmed by his high-energy, passionate presentation style.

He is a great believer in "Talk Positively", and his unique talent is to encourage others to take real-life "actions" that yield genuine outcomes.

His magnificent demonstration of “Power of Imagination” of squeezing lemon was so realistic that everyone had a taste of it, although there was no lemon in reality, but he has created that lemon in the imagination of everyone and made it real and explained how much power our imagination is.

In the rapid-fire round, Dr Sharma answered all questions with zeal and enthusiasm, naming Paris as his dream destination, Rang De Basanti as his favourite movie, LinkedIn as his preferred social media platform, and his love of cricket as his passion. He shared that he used to be an early riser, but now he works until late at night to connect with Global members of Positive Thoughts.

He has his way of answering questions from the audience, and one of his responses was to simply believe in your energy and yourself. It will show your emotions and the voice of your soul. You will undoubtedly discover yourself. It will assist you in getting rid of your anger and making you happy inside too. He sang a beautiful song called "Zindagi Har Kadam Ek Nai Jung Hai," which illustrated his strength in dealing with and winning every situation in his life. He also sang another song “Aap Ki Nazron Ne Samjha Pyaar Ke Kaabil Mujhe”. Both the songs were melodious.

At the end of the session, he shared a few tips & life skills with all and said Excellence & Skills are a result of Pure Intentions, Sincere Efforts, Intelligent Direction, Skillful Execution, and the Vision to see obstacles as opportunities. We all are ordinary humans, who achieved our version of success with Extraordinary Determination.

To remain curious and committed to learning daily is his MANTRA for Excellence in your Career, at Work and Happiness in Life.

He also mentioned his parents, who are the teachers of his life.

Despite humble and merged finances, his parents supported him and his elder sister with the best of upbringing, something he feels proud of and takes pride in sharing.

He had also expressed his gratitude for all the members of his extended family of “Positive Thoughts” from all across the Globe, who believed in him and his vision/mission.

His vision can be concluded with a short poem :

The target must be "Simple and Challengeable..." Thoughts must be "Pure and Positive.." Then Life will always be "Meaningful and Beautiful..!!".

To view, this blockbuster session members joined from different parts of the World.

Towards the end, Dr Supriya Kumaravelan, Chairperson of Positive Thoughts, gave the vote of thanks and shared her experiences after connecting with Dr Gaurav Sharma. She was overwhelmed by the moderator, Dr Anuja Malik who has taken the show to another level. At last, the moderator was virtually facilitated and the session ended with a great celebration.









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