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Market with your Mouth: How to use Speaking to get Clients ? - Dr Pratik Mungekar

What does it mean to market with your Mouth?

A lot of business owners work hard to interrupt people with cold calling, advertising, and spam. That era is over. We’re living in a world of voluntary attention. This means — first you earn their attention, and then you have a chance to earn their money.

“Market with your mouth” is shorthand for one of the best and most direct ways to earn attention. As a speaker — if you’re in front of the right room with the right people and for the right reasons — you have at your disposal a tremendously powerful marketing platform. You’re an authority. You have high visibility. You have the opportunity to deliver high value. And if you do it right, you earn high trust.

At that point, the marketing and sales process is 80% finished and now you’re simply in the process of filtering and sorting your best-fit prospects and you invite them to do business with you!

Why should someone consider the strategy of generating business leads from speaking?

Every consultant, solopreneur, and small business owner needs to establish their thought leadership in order to stand out from the crowd and be heard above the noise. No matter what business you’re in, there’s simply no room for yet another “Same-O Lame-O” player. Their days are over and their influence and impact are declining… daily… and dramatically.

So that means that every day you wait to claim your place among the thought-leaders in your industry and in front of your target buyers, you’re losing time AND money. Don’t let that happen to you.

Across all service areas, more than 50% of purchasers could be considered Switchers, open to changing providers, ranging from 52% Switchers for Legal Services to 72% Switchers for Management Consulting. So the startling truth is that if you market with your mouth, you’re never more than one good presentation away from generating new clients and new revenue.

You emphasize choosing a target audience and a very specific niche topic when you speak. Why is that important?

Whenever I work with clients 1-on-1 or speak to groups of business owners, we always ALWAYS start with identifying specifically WHO you are marketing to. I call this your “Buyer Persona” and we use 7 key questions to flesh out the specific characteristics of the folks who are your highest-probability prospects.

You need to understand what makes them tick — what are their characteristics, traits, attitudes, and values? What’s important to them? What headaches and heartaches do they have when it comes to the types of problems that your product or service is brilliant at solving? What do they SAY about their situation and what WORDS do they use to describe it? This is what I call “learning to speak prospect language about prospect problems.“

Until you can do that, NO marketing strategy will work, and especially speaking where your main focus is on articulating problems you can solve and sharing answers to those problems that your audience can take away and use immediately.

We all want to spend more time in front of right-fit audiences. How do we get started finding them?

What groups do my ideal clients belong to? This will obviously determine which audiences you want to be in front of. Here’s my suggestion: Don’t guess — ask!

Here is the script to ask your current clients, prospects, and centers of influence who know your target market well…

“I’m looking to speak more in front of groups of [BUYER PERSONA]. I’d love to get your advice, insights, and recommendations.”

Another way to ask might be…

“Of all the industry groups and associations you belong to, which ones provide the most value in terms of the speakers and programs they present?”

With both of these scripts, the natural follow-up discussion would center around your desire to serve this industry/community more and to share information with them that would help them become even more successful.

Likely outcomes from you having this discussion with your best clients would include:

~ Names of specific groups, associations, and conferences

~ Names of specific people serving in board or programming positions

~ Names of other executives or decision-makers in the field

~ Names of other companies or firms in need of similar information/services

~ Specific networking introductions

~ Offers of referrals to the individuals they already know

~ An opportunity to reciprocate and ask how YOU might be of service to THEM

What’s the first step that business owners should take to find those specific “hot button” issues to address in their talk?

What’s the first step? Research. Preparation. Homework. Industry, regional, business, and company news is now at everyone’s fingertips on the Internet. Look for verbatim quotes, video clips, audio interviews to capture as much as you can from representative members of your buyer persona group. Search Google, YouTube and LinkedIn. Scan industry and association message boards.

Then go directly to the source — your real live customers and prospects. If you’re not intelligently researching your prospects’ issues, challenges, and pressures, how can you possibly come in with credible high-perceived-value solutions? One of the best ways to approach prospects is with:

~ Interviews

~ Surveys

~ Research

~ Data gathering

It positions you and your firm as an expert resource and it gives you valuable data you should be getting anyway!

what are the top three strategies you suggest our listeners focus on?

Figure out the audience you want to serve the most because they are your peeps, your tribe, and your natural followers.

Then figure out what they are passionate to learn, to do, or to become.

Finally, start talking about, sharing, and connecting them with resources that solve those specific pains, problems, headaches and heartaches.

Do so publicly through speaking, publishing, networking — both online and offline — and your reputation as being a source of valuable expertise will spread.

Once you’ve laid the groundwork to become visible, trusted, and valuable — the floodgates will open for you and you’ll be in the enviable position of NOT chasing business, but rather filtering and sorting the best prospects whom you’d like to hire as YOUR next customer!

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12)First Indian to receive the distinguished title “Professor Wisdom” from Institución Cultural Colombiana Casa Poética Magia y Plumas ,Colombia South America.

13) Visting faculty in many National & Foreign Universities.

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