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Open Letter by Rishita Pankaj for Prime Minister / State Ministers

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

Team stay featured wants to share a bit of different stuff today. Its nothing but an insight into what's happening within our society

The most important thing, The feelings conveyed by not a socialist, researcher, or politician, It's by 12 years old girl Rishita Pankaj

Rishita pankaj with her family 

Team Stay Featured promised the girl to publish her thoughts as it is with an exception of a few grammatical corrections

Let's read her thoughts,

Rishita Pankaj, Age 12Yrs

Blue Berry, B-301

Kharadi, Pune



Prime minister/ State ministers

Subject: Voice raised on what’s happening in places.

Respected ma’am/sir

I recently have been seeing what’s happening in our states, our cities, our neighborhoods, our homes, people are treated badly, very badly, a few weeks the guard has been disrespected by a lawyer right in front of the society’s gate, women have slapped and has used foul words just because the guard had opened the door late, at least he was there to open or she would’ve been stuck as a matter of fact she should’ve and instead of thanking him she raised her hand and slapped him, she who tries to bring justice to us has disrespected a man who is trying to work as hard as possible to feed his family, she should be thankful to him for staying up all night keeping us safe and sound.

One more incident happened in another society a man while coming to the ground floor gets stuck in the lift and so the guard as fast as possible he came to open the door and after doing that the man instead of thanking the guard slapped the attendant who didn’t even do anything but then he also slapped the security guard not once but five to six times and even pushed him multiple times for no reason and again the guard was disrespected here badly and had been raised hand on multiple times for no reason, in the news the guard also told he wanted justice and the man was sent to jail but was out by bail and he should’ve been there for one or two days.

One incident was that a girl was abused, sexually abused by a saint a few weeks back, if I am correct a saint means a well-educated kind hearted man, I don’t think so this is a saint, I mean saint is someone who we compliment by saying what a kind man, this isn’t a kind this is a bad man, he abused girl badly the girl would be getting nightmares every time thinking about that moment and it was told she isn’t only the one who was abused by that man but man more, some die through the pain, some try to live through the nightmares, some have bad- bad panick attacks, they fall in depression, being alive some die inside, 9-10 graders went through this, some think of them dirty, very dirty so suicide is their only hope, some fight but still become weak, I know that saint is in jail and cannot be bailed out but there are many more like him roaming around and doing this dirty thing, I being in 7th grade can understand the pain but they went through it and there isn’t something anyone can feel.

There is another incident that happened with a teenage girl who was in 10th or 11th grade and was harassed badly, she told that she was beaten up by an iron rod, a hot pan, and what more thinking about it I get a bad feeling and get scared and yet that girl went through that situation, she went through so much pain, how much hurt she would’ve gotten and now also no one knows where is that man as he hasn’t been arrested who knows what if he repeats this again with some other person, the government made a rule “ Beti Bachao, Beti Padao “ I don’t think any girl was saved, but is not saved why not is she saved ?! why?

These girls were harassed to death and they were saved but at the last minute, no stand was taken when it was needed why the last minute? Why were these girls have still not got justice? I don’t understand we made this rule and then stood to it don’t make it to get an image or credit. I really don’t know why this happens, many girls, boys, and adults go through this many times, child kidnapping is happened to get money in return but still, the kid is not given back to their parents, they are kidnapped for their particular “needs” why? Please don’t let this happen it makes such a bad impact on my family, my cousins, my siblings, my friends, my neighbors, me, and even those who I don’t even know, know tomorrow this thing is repeated again and my friends go through this or my elder sister or even me? Will we also get last-minute savings? Please don’t let this happen this makes such a bad impact on future generations and these years, and even for this sometimes girls are blamed why didn’t you take care, who told you to wear these types of clothes which attract them no matter what happens if we are scared or even half lifeless and even if girls wear normal clothes they come and then we are blamed to increase the number of rapping cases in India not them when Americans themselves wear such weird clothes and yet they have a very low raping case. Who knows? Because they know how to respect girls.

If we had the right we could also do this – disrespect our guards, gardeners, teachers, or even our own parents or even the government …? But No! Because since childhood we learned to respect and help our elders and others and not to disrespect them. I mean.. we can do this, after all, we are learning from our elders, aren’t we? But no!!! because we know we depend on them, we know their importance in our lives, we know their hard work and we understand their love and care.

So please look at my points and bring justice to all who are in need.


Rishita Pankaj


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