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Leena Godbole Kale: Journey of "Leena's Flavours" on Youtube

Firstly I would like to take the opportunity to thanks the Team Stay Featured Team for giving me this opportunity and sharing my experience on this platform!!

I am Leena Godbole Kale Born and brought up in Nashik. currently residing in Singapore for the past few years.

I have completed my graduation in IT and moved to Pune after marriage.

I have an interest in Teaching, especially the needy. I spent about 8 years teaching in schools or private(Online) in Pune and Singapore.

I love to cook and share, My family and friends, love the dishes which I prepare. I enjoy exploring different dishes and also experimenting with new flavours.

It all started during a Lockdown period of Covid. The thought came to my mind why not make use of this time and share my cooking experience with my family and friends.

So I created a Food Blog on Facebook (Leena's Flavours) and started posting recipes with pictures. I got a very good response & feedback from all my friends and many of them suggested that I should make videos of recipes which will make recipes very easy to understand and a better experience. That's how I started my Youtube Channel. People loved my recipes and I got much appreciation. That kept me motivated to come up with many more recipes.

I try to share simple, easy recipes with easily available ingredients at home. I also ensure to make my recipes more innovative by adding my flavours to them.

These are some mouth-watering examples for you all.

Besan Laddo

Egg Biryani

Fried Modak

Cheeze Chilli Toast

Schezwan Noodles

Donuts ( Eggless & Without using Yeast)

Many of them tried my recipes and shared good feedback which help me to continue with my journey.

Please visit my channel Leena's Flavours!! and do Share & Subscribe if you like it.

You can also follow my page on Facebook Leena's Flavours!!

You can follow me on Instagram too.


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