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Why I chose instagram as a Food Influencer?- Mahima Choudhary

Hello, Readers

I am Mahima Choudhary- an Instagram Influencer

My Instagram page is all about food with some glimpse of beauty.

you can visit the page from here and have a look , This is the link

Here’s the back story -

I’m a big foodie since childhood. Apart from eating, I love cooking too. I used to click different shots of different cuisines due to which I had many collection of different dishes. So I thought why not make a separate page where I’ll post my collection. So without any intention of becoming an influencer, I just made a page ‘Khaate jaao’ on 25th January 2020 where I used to post my collection just for my leisure time. After some months, one of my close friend Gautam Khanijo asked me if he can also join this, so we both started a new journey and changed the name ‘khaate jao’ to ‘foodiiotic’. Gautam really helped me in growing this page And genuinely without him, I don’t think Foodiiotic would grow.

After some months we saw that we’re getting a very good response so we started working as an influencer collaborating and promoting other brands too.

Though Gautam got busy due to his career building, Now I handle this page solely. But Gautam will always be the foodiiotic partner as he was there when foodiiotic was nothing.

Now I’ve also added some beauty content to foodiiotic and it is also getting a good response.

Soon we’re going to reach the 10k milestone and really would give credits to me, Gautam, My family, my close friends and obviously followers who gave us so much love.

Thank you for always supporting us. We’ll always try to post some entertaining and useful content that our audience would love.

But it’s not an easy job to acquire because competition is steep (who doesn't want to make money from posting on Instagram?), and it takes more work than meets the eye.

In the first few months after I started my Instagram account, I quickly realized that throwing a photo a day out into the world of social media in hopes that someone grabbed onto it wasn’t going to be enough

if you have your heart set on becoming an Instagram influencer—and specifically, a food influencer— then you’ll work out good at end just by working on it and focusing mainly on organic reach and not be engaging in loops, engagement groups and all ( I’m a sufferer lol ) that’s why Ithe just focus on real organic reach only and this is the real success.

Here are some suggestions I’ll give from my experience to grow as a food influencer collections

1. Be real and post content that a large audience will like - this is important as getting liked by large amount of users will help in growing the page.

2. Interact with the followers - we’re a food influencer just with the help of our followers. Interacting with the audience is majorly important.

3. Be patient and not to get panic if we don’t get good collaborations and reach - Instagram is now changing and it’s harder and harder to get good influencer deals because so many [people] have offered their photos for free in the past six to seven years and have, in essence, driven the market value and the profession down. That doesn’t mean that you can no longer earn a paycheck as an Instagram influencer.

But it may mean that, in some instances, you accept goods—in place of cold, hard cash—for your influencer services. Brands know that they can get great deals for themselves, many times for free or for merchandise trades. To start, that may be the path to go with But, as you go on and gain followers—and if you have a genuine message to share—you can definitely succeed, especially if you have a mind for sales and business, and have good negotiation skills.


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