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"The WILDLIFE story of a young photographer"-Khush Hirani

Khush's passion for photography grew after he started to fall in love with wildlife. Since then, wildlife photography has always turned him on to the power of nature and that animals have as equal if not more rights to live.

Khush gave all the credit to his family and said whatever he is now he is all because of his family support.

His whole extended family i.e. his uncles, aunts, and cousins have also helped him by promoting his work and having his back always in case of anything. Apart from family, his friends and social media followers have really shown a lot of love and support. He has recently won a contest that is dedicated to his supporters for their tremendous support.

His dream is to become a great wildlife photographer and to raise international awareness about wildlife and its conservation. He is also looking forward to photographing breathtaking nature from all over the world.

Khush is also thankful to Pushkar Sharma for supporting and motivating him. Khush said, after the photoshoot with Pushkar, he has gained a lot of fame which he appreciates.

One of his memorable moment was when a Leopard, which is a very rare sighting, was spotted in Nairobi National Park and he got the chance to photograph it from just around his house next to the national park, those photos had been shared a lot and reached many people. It was the most amazing sight he probably had ever seen.

Khush is highly talented and Team Stay Featured wish him to grow the best in his field.


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