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GetfitwithAnagha- featuring Vibha Sarang, Prakash Ratnachar, Varsha Chavan

Dear Readers, As per your request we are bringing some more stories from GetfitwithAnagha

This time, we are sharing about Vibha Sarang, Prakash Ratnachar, Varsha Chavan

Vibha Sarang

Vibha Sarang one of my good friends well-known and Wellness Coach in our Fitness Studio

She was struggling to lose weight for around 10 years. Had tried all means like Gyming , Limboo Pani , Crash Dieting, Skipping Meals. But wasn't doing things the right way or was rather not guided the right way. But one set back in her life got her to focus more on healthy living - she lost her mother due to Diabetes . After that incidence she took a decision to take care of herself because she didn't want to create the same future and same suffering for her Son.

And by following Healthy Active Lifestyle she lost amazing 22kgs in the span of one year and two months.

Today she is an inspiration not only for her family but many other people in society and making the difference in each life.

Prakash Ratnachar

This is a transformation of, Prakash Ratnachar who lost 25kgs of weight in just 8 months. He is also from Bangalore


He was suffering from disc bulge problem back pain for 25 years, Arthritis (knee pain) for 12 years for which doctors suggested for knee replacement and surgery, and gastritis for 15 years.


He joined this community on 8th July 2019 and within 8 months lost an overall 25kg of fat as a bonus got rid of all surgeries as doctors said there was no need for knee replacement now


Says: Now " I am 51 years of age but my energy levels and thinking process are like 30 years of age"

Varsha Chavan

meet our dear friend Varsha Chavan, she is a fitness and wellness coach. By background,, she was an Analyst and she has worked in many corporate firms. Due to her stressful routine her lifestyle was eventually very bad and she a gained lot of weight. 3 years ago She was introduced to this amazing concept of Healthy Active Lifestyle. Where her coach made her understand the concept of 20% of workout and 80% of nutrition along with clean eating habits and set her on a 90 Days Body Transformation Challenge.

As previously she faced a lot of gastric and digestion issues but by following the few changes om her lifestyle Varsha saw the change in the initial few days itself, that's where she decided to go for 90 days challenge and in mere 3 months, Varsha lost amazing 6 kgs of her body weight.

Congratulations Varsha, looking at her amazing transformation friends and family members started asking her and today she is a full-time fitness and wellness coach.

We have introduced 21days/ 30 days/ 90 days online & offline challenges. Anyone who wants to see a change in their lifestyle.

Dare yourself to do more, and after a while, you can achieve more than you could ever believe.


DM to join for free trial online and offline batches available contact 9619343372. Even can visit my page on Instagram, Facebook and Google

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