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GetfitwithAnagha- featuring Amit Aaiyar, Shivam Kothari, Pooja Singh

Dear Readers, As per your request we are bringing some more stories from GetfitwithAnagha

This time, we are sharing about Amit Aaiyar, Shivam Kothari, Pooja Singh

Amit Aaiyar

Meet Amit Aaiyar, one of the most adamant personalities, he was very fussy about his routine and lifestyle. Anything or everything I used to tell him he used to keep questioning, it took me 8 months to convince him about his habits and the lifestyle that he follows. Finally, the day came when he himself came up to me and said I seriously need to do something as he was almost 40 + and it was high time to work on his health. He loved to go cycling he even participated in one of the long cycling challenges but due to his weight, the team was a bit sceptical to take him or not. That's where he decided to give it a try and by following the habit of 20% Excercise and 80% Nutrition he lost amazing 6 kgs I ln 42 days lost amazing inches and even participated in the challenge. Today he is following all the habits regularly as told before.

Shivam Kothari

Meet my dear friend Shivam Kothari, Shivam is in the marketing and sale profession and many times he has to travel related to his work. He has a tight schedule by which he had mismanagement of time. Due to their sedentary lifestyle, his weight started increasing and his energy level was very low. Post lunch he used to feel very tired. He then decided to work on his health as at the age of 30 he was feeling non-enthusiastic, he later joined One month challenge initially after starting his energy level increased, got amazing inch loss, just by following some healthy habits and doing minute changes in meal plan he lost amazing 5 kgs in one month, that's an amazing achievement achieved in just a month, looking at this change now he has upgraded to 3 months challenge and his next target to come to his ideal weight is just a path away. Wish you all the best Shivam stay committed.

Pooja Singh :

Meet my dear friend Pooja Singh, she is a mom of two kids, she is always been a fitness freak. She was very particular about her weight and the food that she ate. But even after doing 10k steps, cycling and exercises she was not able to come to her ideal weight nor she was able to sustain her energy for the entire day. Through Facebook, she got connected to me and shared with me her story and entire daily routine. I was able to understand that her metabolism for low due to which her weight loss was getting stuck.

I made her understand the need for Nutrition and after-workout meal plans and the entire daily routine. After understanding the concept of 80% nutrition and 20% workouts she took a 3 months challenge and in these 3 months list amazing 9 kgs of weight, her skin texture improved and even she lost many inches after having this amazing change, this month she ranked 1st in the challenge and even won a fabulous cash amount of 10 k rupees. Congratulations Pooja stay committed the same way. Wishing you a happy and healthy active life ahead stay committed.

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Anagha Rane
Jun 14, 2022


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Team Stay Featured
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