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Anagha Rane - A journey from Homemaker to a Mompreneur

Team Stay Featured is feeling extremely proud to have an opportunity to feature all the great names highlighted during TZP Maa Awards

We finally had a chance to have an interaction with Anagha Rane-fitness and wellness coach.

Let's read what she conveyed to our team

Short Introduction of Anagha Rane

I am Anagha Rane I am a fitness and wellness coach, I own a fitness studio in Thane and am even associated with 18 + studios all over India. We are a blend of all, Functional training as well as, Cardio workouts with dance moves, I take aerobics as well as regular dance workouts. Fitness was never in my mind, as I am a mother of a 6-year-old kid I always thought it was obvious that post-pregnancy any lady would gain weight. Weight was not an issue for me but it triggered me at that moment where I was unable to take my 2-year-old kid around I had to be dependent upon someone and that's where I decided to take care of myself. I got in touch with my coach through a social media platform and understood the importance of fitness and wellness, I took up a challenge and lost an amazing 9kgs in 5 months. Looking at my transformation people started asking me and that's where I decided to help such mothers and others on their fitness journey. Past 3 years I am following a healthy active lifestyle and we guide people with various programs such as

1. Losing / Gaining / Maintain Weight

2. Digestive Health

3. Joints Health

4. Heart Health

5. Children's Nutrition

6. Energy & Fitness

7. Sports Nutrition &

8. Overall Well-being

During a pandemic, we started with an online workout from home, morning and evening batches on zoom. We have our offline studios also going on.

Thank you note to TZP Maa Awards & everyone who contributed to my growth

I always believe, that Work in silence let success make the noise. Honestly speaking I wasn't expecting this award at all but I had put all my efforts and done whatever was told as for a girl from thane participating in an unknown crowd was a fear factor. But I always believed if you give up in beginning it's hard later on. And with just that one positive thought the price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand. This is the third award that I have received as an Entrepreneur (Mompreneur) and I am thoroughly thankful to Sejal Ray admin of Taare Zameen Par Group and Chetna Pakhale Admin of BeYou group for giving me this platform and encouraging me to showcase my skillsets. It's an honour to get associated with the TZP group for me. I would even thank my kid Laksh Rane, for being the best kid and Cooperating and understanding me at such a small age. He always encourages me in my work and he is the true inspiration being I am today. I thank my husband for being my strong support, well talking about him even though he is physically not here, he is always supporting me every single moment, due to work priorities he is out of India in this situation any woman would leave her job and be with her husband but my husband motivated me to live my dreams and be I what I want to be. Thank you hubby for everything. Lastly, I thank my fellow members, my clients, and ambassadors who believed in me and my work and are supporting me now and then to help me grow.

Getting into the fitness and wellness industry was never my dream, being from a Marketing background I have worked with various corporate firms as well as in media firms. Post-pregnancy like every individual woman I told had gained weight and I never had an issue with it, being a proud mother always felt this is very common its will as time files, but when my kid was two years old I realized it was difficult for me to take him and move around my stamina was low, I started facing tiredness and I had to be dependent upon someone or the other to pick my child up and I used to take some 1 or 3 kgs to carry bags. That's where it triggered me Anagha if this is the case at the age of 32 what is going to happen at age of 40 or 50 I decided to work on myself. My coach explained to me the need for clean eating habits and made me understand the importance of Illness and Wellness. With my transformation, I started helping many such people recently a lady called me up saying she has to get her dental surgery done but is unable to do it as her diabetes was around 315 and for the past 3.5 yrs it's not coming down even though after taking medicines she is 56 years old. I just asked her about her routine, water intake and lifestyle and just by following a few things and doing some changes in her meal plan, one morning at 10 am she sent me a voice note in 15 days her diabetes was less than 150 made my day like anything, it was not though for her but it was for me as I promised her that she will be able to get her surgery done. There are many such stories its endless, as I am just getting started to help 100 such families get a good health.

Message for readers

Some people always say I am busy, I don't have time. Time is money etc etc. But just imagine what is the use of that time where you are not going to taste the fruit that you have created if you have bad health. Always remember when it comes to any kind of lifestyle disease or weight issues, it's not just eating habits. It's the 4 factors before eating habits. Factor 1 stress, factor 2 lifestyle, factor 3 water intake, factor 4 sleep timings and last comes factor 5 eating habits. If the first four factors are bad it will affect your fifth factor resulting, in weight issues, PCOD, PCOS, cholesterol, heart attacks, diabetes etc. So I request all to please go and see the root cause take guidance approach a coach who will be your mother or father or a guide to help in your lifestyle.

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