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Featured By Stay Featured : 'Miss Achievement ' Saartha Gore , who has won 15 pageant titles

Greetings! My name is Saartha Sameer Gore, I am 14 years of age, a teenager who expresses her emotions through dancing and writes poems in her free time as a way of expressing her thoughts, she also has an adoring for listening to music which is a therapy for her.

Coming from an academic background my parents play a major role in my life. They have always motivated me to be the best version of myself regardless of how vast the situation is, my parents have always taught me to stay humble because respect is the hardest thing to achieve in life and that’s what my parents have earned in their field which they are excelling for 20 years and on. The amount of respect people shower at them always left me encouraged to be someone like them in my field.

“Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder” the moment I read this quote and the beauty I saw when I witnessed a queen being crowned as “Fbb Femina Miss India” that was the moment I realised to do something for not only myself and my family but my country. Being a true believer in, “there is no turning back when achieving success”, my journey of modelling and pageantry started with a failure which not only demoralised me but also put me to an extent to quit course my parent's beliefs and constant support kept me motivated throughout. Being academically inclined my passion for modelling turned from bits of pages to a book.

There was a time when I spent days thinking about how I didn’t fit right in this industry? But after 3-4 years of experience, one thing that truly made me realise is that in pageantries your talent and your intellectuality are the things that matter and are recognised.. not the colour of your skin tone, your weight or height.

Until now I have won 15 pageant titles and have won many awards for the same in the fashion world which goes:

  • Miss India Nakshatra 2021

  • Models Unity Club(S1) winner 2021

  • Miss Supernova 2021

  • Miss Nakshatra Maharashtra 2020

  • Traditional beauty 2020

  • Miss Pune junior 2019

  • Zeal miss Maharashtra Pune 2019

  • charming princess India 2019

  • Shining Star of Maharashtra 2019

And many more.

I have also represented India in junior model international Dubai winning best introduction subtitle.

Also, I grabbed many subtitles which include best personality, versatile, best participant, best ramp walk, miss gorgeous, fashion icon and so on.

Also, I am the awardee of the international excellency award 2020, Naayab Kohinoor 2020, the real superwoman 2020, Best Achievers award 2019

My inspiration Priyanka Chopra Jonas inspires me to be confident in whatever I do and my ideal Mother Teresa motivates me to serve the needy in society.

According to me, inner beauty is something that’s felt more than seen, inner beauty is found in someone’s care, warmth, affection, adoration and love.

My grandparents have always seen me as a ray of hope. Their presence always makes me feel grateful for having both of them in my life. I am a favourite of my grandfather he loves to spoil me by bringing my grandmother’s homemade chicken, chocolates, clothes and many more but at the same time, he teaches me to save money for future investments which I till date follow. My grandmother is like my best friend, learning how to cook from her has always been on my to-do list she helps me understand how to be fortunate enough for the things I have and that’s what makes me adore her even more than I am.

I truly believe in a balanced life where I aspire to become a cardiologist and represent India by being Miss World with the motto of beauty with purpose by supporting girl children and contributing full justice towards girls' education, gender equality, health care and the most important thing safety.

My small message would be: Pursue the dreams you wanna pursue not because people want you to pursue them.. the mentality of the society will change once you prove that professions don’t define an individual’s character, when you believe you can do it, you already know that you will be a successful person.

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Navina Ravindran
Navina Ravindran
Jun 13, 2022

Way to go girl‼️💯🤩


Vandana saini
Vandana saini
Jun 13, 2022

So very proud of you my girl 🥰 many more success to you ❤️

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