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Came back stronger : Aarti Rasam Gore

Hello, My name is Aarti Rasam Gore a 40-year-old entrepreneur, co-founder of Gorays: Live Guru, a teacher for the last 20+ years, a social activist and someone who always dreams big. I feel obliged to be a part of this journey and expose myself to the world of talents.

I started by teaching at a small level giving home tuition to fulfil my pocket money and gradually teaching became my passion. A diploma holder in teaching from Asian college of institute up till now I have taught almost 5000 students in my career span. Even during the lockdown, I utilised my time by reading books so I can impart knowledge to my students for their bright future.

My family has been my constant support and special thanks to my daughter Saartha Gore , who herself has achieved so much in the field of fashion and modelling, and for being my supporting pillar and always encouraging me to get noticed because of my talent. Having a rough start to my journey, not only from people but everything around me has come taught me so much. From being someone who was working in an institute while studying for my exams to someone who has taught more than 5000 students who have came out with flying colours.

I believe success will only be achieved if we are determined and dedicated to doing something by putting all our hearts into it, I also believe that incidents are a part of life and without them, we would not know what success would feel like. The one incident that shaped my life like never before would be me taking part in a platform like this, giving me a voice to display my talent to the world, giving courage to all the mothers out there to be living their life to the fullest because a wise person once said,” You only live once”. This quote motivated me to participate in this TZP Maa Awards and from the bottom of my heart, I want to thank Sejal Ray mam and her team for giving this wonderful opportunity to all moms.

Message to the readers

One thing I would say is Never Give Up on the things you love because talent has no age, the moment you accept that and look forward to do things you always wanna do, it will completely change your life.

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