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Featured By Stay Featured : Shruti Ramekar, an International patent holder

About Shruti Ramekar

Shruti Dnyaneshwar Ramekar 21 years of age ,Final year Undergraduate Physiotherapy student studying in MGM School Of Physiotherapy Aurangabad. who have received an international patent from Germany Now, published 3 research papers and have copyrighted one of them.

1. What was the biggest challenge in this patent process? Share your feelings when you had that confirmation.

The biggest challenge we faced during this process was to check whether this very same idea was already executed by any other scientists, researchers or the inventors; and if that was the case, how will our concept stand apart from theirs? So, we discussed and came up with the solution to add the diazepam patches so that it will some what prevent the episode of seizure.

2. Share about your team-mates, guardian and their background

Well, we have some really spectacular people contributing. To begin with my eldest brother Dr. Raju Ramekar, who is the top Radiologist in Adilabad, helped to make my work stand apart and he was the one who inspired me for this task. You also know his great achievements that are crucial for our society. He is always looking for something new which is never implemented. He is a person who has an eye for details. And I am very happy to have him guide me in this venture.

Next in line, is another brother of mine Himanshu Ramekar who is a Mechanical Engineer by qualification. He contributed to the design and he helped me put this idea on the paper also adding some more additional concepts.

We have Mr. Ajinkya Kottawar sir, rightly described as “The Patent Man”. He helped us to fine tune the idea that was represented by us on the paper. He holds more than 20 utility patents. That is the most impressive achievement to have by someone.

And lastly, my parents who are my constant source of motivation and my backbone who always support and motivate me to push my limits to achieve everything.

3. Why you chose this topic? Any memories which triggered this thought?

Few years back I came across an incident where I saw a girl had episode of seizure and met with an accident, she was severely injured and it was quite devastating. I thought that there are many people who might have faced similar problems, maybe, on a daily basis. As a student of health care profession, I felt the need of something that will indicate such events and will prevent mishaps. So, I researched on this topic and came up with this idea.

4. Share about your idols and takeaways

There are quite a lot of people I admire but the person I idolize is my father he is the one who has always motivated me, had my back and encouraged me in every aspect. He crosses all barriers and has the ability to communicate with others and radiates great empathy to other people. The other person is my Mother She possesses many qualities that had made my life successful. She has done a lot to boost my self esteem and confidence. And lastly, My Brother my mentor and a great supporter, he has done so much for me that I could not express. He is the best.

5. What are your hobbies ?

I love to listen music, volunteering, creativity and dance.

6. So, what’s next? Share about upcoming goals and milestones

My aim is to make this device available to the common people in near future and to innovate many more instruments and devices like these which will help the enhancement in the society.

7. Any message for our readers?

The simple message to everyone is “Every simple idea counts. You just need to work it through to achieve great. The world is full of such opportunities. “

8. Social media links to connect with Shruti Ramekar

Email ID:

LinkedIn ID:

Instagram ID: @shru_ramekar

Thank you note by Shruti Ramekar :

First and foremost, I’d like to thank my parents for their constant support, motivation. My brother Himanshu for always being there for me in difficult times guiding me. I want to thank my elder brother Dr. Raju Ramekar for encouraging and helping me to achieve this feat. I want to thank Mr. Ajinkya Kottawar sir for his guidance and helping me to achieve this patent through proper channel. I want to thank my professor and my guide Dr. Pooja Kumari Mahaseth for developing my ideas and innovative skills and providing me challenging opportunities and giving me a chance to express on different platforms.

Lastly, I want to thank the people who have challenged me and make me work hard enough to achieve this valuable milestone and boosting my career contributing in this successful journey of my life directly or indirectly.


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