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Featured By Stay Featured: Jui Suhas

Hello, I'm Jui Suhas, Fashion Designer by education, Dance and Fashion Choreographer, a Grooming mentor by profession, and a Katthak Dancer by Passion. I have been learning katthak for past 12 years now from my Guru Mrs. Indrayani Kulkarni. And working as a Grooming mentor and Choreographing Fashion shows for past 10 years. I have Groomed more than 300 models out of which many of them are successful and pursuing their careers in Fashion, Film & Television industry.

Receiving the Tejaswini Puraskar 2022 not only makes me happy, but also gives me responsibility to work more hard & to meet the status I have set for past years.

Being honest, my journey till date & subsequently towards this award was not that easy; infact it was very long. Thank you to my parents and my gurus for guiding me to light through darkness. I am really fortunate to have them in my life. And also thank you to all those who have been a part of my beautiful journey.

Our life is very unpredictable.. every incident teaches us and changes our life or the way we look at it.

I remember, it was last day of our college before Christmas vacation.. I came home and my mentor Mr. Vineet Khatri was waiting for me. He told me that there was a Fashion show which I had to choreograph. I had no idea how to do that but i trusted him and Thank God! I said yes to do that project. He guided me through the whole process.. taught me how to teach and that's how my journey in the field of Fashion began. I found something within me which I never knew. All thanks to Vineet uncle for believing me and giving me that opportunity!

I would here, like to tell the readers, that follow your dreams, do what you love and love what you do and believe in yourself and everything else will fall in the right place.

,It's said that behind every successful man there is a woman.. but recently I read this phrase which said that 'Behind every successful woman, there is a Father who did not care about what society would say!' And I truly agree to it.. I am lucky enough to have such parents who have supported me through all my thicks and thins. And I would like to tell all the parents that let their children live their dreams and pursue the education or hobbies they wish to.. and support Them as nothing in this world is impossible when you have the blessings of your parents..

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