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Dr Pratik Mungekar now appointed as Director & Protocol Officer of ABCD INTERNATIONAL FAMILY

Dr Pratik Mungekar has been appointed as Director & Protocol Officer of ABCD INTERNATIONAL FAMILY.

Today, the name of Prof. Dr Pratik Rajan Mungekar is no longer common but is emerging as a distinguished Scientist, Professor, World Educationist, Published Writer, Counsellor, Social Worker and an International Speaker

ABCD International family provides free webinars for all people every week on life skills & Business Skills. Various Trainers come and guide people on various topics every week.

In ABCD International Family we focus on 5 aspects of life Personal, Professional ( Wealth ), Health, Social & Spiritual.

In ABCD International Family Our family members can attend other members' Workshops and learn from them. Group members' training programs are free for other members. Hence, every member gets valuable learnings. For Wealth, Our family members can start their paid Workshops with ABCD International. All other family members promote each other very happy and help each other to grow. So, everyone gets 25X more support in all activities. For Health, For Our Family members, we have started free yoga sessions every morning. They can join yoga & pranayama classes and improve their health.

For Social Image, They get our platform where they get a chance to interact with various people every week. We organize International Business Summits, as well as other International Summits and our family members, can participate in that International Summits and get promoted on an international level.

For Spiritual growth, we organized various free group training programs, where everyone participate in various activities like Training delivery, content writing, planning, moderating, Mentoring & Leadership. Everyone together successfully conducts workshops and it is for gratitude Towards GOD.


ABCD International Family is a family of like-minded people who are ready to help each other to grow personally as well as professionally.

ABCD International Family gives a platform for Trainers, Coaches and Mentors to Explore themselves by giving platform, Training and Handholding support.

ABCD International family conduct various free as well as paid Workshops. The free workshop is conducted by our family members as gratitude Towards God. ABCD International Family wants to create aatmanirbhar family members. Our family members should be like Lions.


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