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Dr Pratik Mungekar on "Education Beyond the syllabus"

On the occasion of blissful Vasant Panchami, 5 February 2022,

20 Speakers across India joined Eduthon with a motto of Education Beyond Syllabus.

The event was organized by: Win Connects Intellectual Network TM

Sponsored by: ScholarsTree Educare Private Limited

Media partner: Stay featured

Creative Partner: Arena Animation Tilak Road

Education Partner: Yoga at Chiranjiv Foundation, Palingo

Let's read the thoughts of Dr Pratik Mungekar , during Eduthon

A conference is not just an avenue for a scientist, Educator, Teacher to present their research to the wider community, but it can be an important venue for brainstorming, networking and making vital connections that can lead to new initiatives, papers and funding.

A major activity in the life of an academic is the professional conference. It is common knowledge that this is a place to present your research, but what about other benefits of attending a conference?

It is commonly accepted that attending a conference is a great way to be exposed to the latest studies and ideas from your field. Conferences are also a way of getting face-to-face interactions with leaders in your field, and for those just starting in academia, they are a way to gain valuable advice and mentoring. Additionally, they are a way to start collaborations on papers or projects, and to more directly advance your career by finding new positions or to build your program by using these meetings to recruit faculty, students, or interns or to even to make money, by selling your new technology or software to practitioners. Conferences are an invaluable resource to academics beyond just the conference presentations themselves.

Eduthon: Education Beyond Syllabus

what a concept!!

I cannot help myself expressing immense pleasure to be a part of a keynote Speaker in the mega event. All the sessions I attended were interesting and insightful.

I have delivered my talk on Education Beyond the syllabus.

It was an amazing experience kudos to Eduthon team for organising such a beautiful yet professional conference.

Here I am attaching my Talk Transcript for our readers.

To create learning environments that are inclusive, diverse and engage all types of learners, we need to provide students with learning opportunities that extend beyond the classroom. This is key to supporting and enhancing the learner experience and achieving positive educational outcomes for students.

By extending learning beyond the classroom, you open the door to many more learning opportunities for your students:

* Provide more engaging and relevant learning.

* Increase opportunities for students to access and interact with learning materials online.

* Further develop a student’s digital, collaborative and independent learning.

* Provide greater opportunities for revision, feedback and informal learning.

* Enhance capacity for inclusive and individualised learning.

How do you Extend Learning Beyond the Classroom?

An important aspect of extending learning beyond the classroom is to use and present a range of learning materials in new and engaging ways and to structure class and homework time with more flexibility and collaboration in mind.

Enable communication anywhere and at anytime

Students often find it challenging to progress their group work outside the classroom.

Using online tools can assist to keep the momentum going with group projects after students leave the classroom. Some examples of these tools include:

* Social streams.

* Wikis.

* Blogs.

* Forums.

These online tools are available via a Learning Management System and enable students to create conversations and work collaboratively in a virtual classroom.

An added advantage of accessing these tools via a Learning Management System is that students are able to participate in a monitored, safe online environment. All of the contributions are identifiable and explicitly connected to an individual student. This not only enables the teacher to correctly attribute contributions but also ensures appropriate use of a system that can be easily monitored.

Utilise a flipped classroom.

Instead of the teacher providing direct instruction in class and then setting homework, an educator could ask students to access online content at home and then have them complete the task in class—known as the ‘flipped classroom’. 

This approach means students use the lesson to:

1. Apply new knowledge.

2. Ask questions.

3. Receive immediate feedback.

By delivering content online with the use of educational technology, a student is able to work and progress their learning at a pace that suits their needs. Students who have missed lessons due to illness or would like to review content again can also easily access materials at home.

Create an inclusive learning environment

A truly effective learning environment supports and meets the needs of all kinds of learners. This creates equitable access to learning opportunities and improves a student’s chance of success.

This approach of inclusive education is best seen where learning activities are customised so that they challenge more able students and also, support those who need extra guidance. This support and inclusion also applies to those who have missed class time.

In these instances, teachers should still be communicating the curriculum to them and continuing to support their learning. Having an LMS and a communication portal is invaluable to meet this requirement. 

Parents are also connected to the LMS and School Portal ecosystem, which further helps to facilitate support and communication when the student is unable to attend school.

The Modern Landscape

As technology has evolved, the virtual classroom has taken its place, next to the physical, as an important avenue to deliver and interact with learning materials. Through the use of online learning environments and learning management systems, teachers can now design virtual spaces to support and extend a student’s learning environment. This means with the right technology, learning can occur anywhere, anytime, to suit the learner.

if you want to watch and cherish the memories of eduthon, click on this link


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