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Dr Prachiti Punde - a step further to inspire others

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

"Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder."


"Change the way you look at yourself, you will look very beautiful ..."

Do you agree?


No problem

Read on .. Definitely, you will.

"Become a doctor, otherwise no one will marry you.."

"Be a little like your aged kids, stay with your age friends, why do you want to grow up so early?"

Does these sentences sound familiar??

In many homes, girls, especially "girls who look normal as per society norms" are constantly made to hear this it won't be extravagant to say that the little ones grow up listening to it.

What do girls do in such situations?

Listening to all this, they break down, somehow complete their education, marry wherever their parents want them to. Or they prove themselves by purposely studying hard and standing on their own feet.

But ... Prachiti Punde went a step further and decided to inspire others along with herself, she did it and will continue to do so. Who wouldn't love to get to know such a "perfect role model" (and model in reality as well) Prachiti Punde even more, to know her journey? Shall I tell you, how this simple worm turned into a beautiful butterfly?

A simple but very intelligent girl, from a well-to-do family, born in the hospital of RSS, with highly educated parents, got everything materialistic she needed. Father was a trustee and doctor, and mother an owner and headmistress of Fashion Designing College. They had quite an educational, cultural and social work environment at home. Not a surprise if Prachiti went the same way?

But she was far ahead of the times and the social framework, neither she nor the people around her knew it. Her maturity level was very different, at a very young age. And that's why she never befriended her peers. She treated them like an older sister. She loved hanging out with people much older than her. In short, she was over mature for age. She only liked intellectual discussions with people much older than us. Even now, she prefers the next level of discussion with seniors, rather than spending time with her fellow models. How our society as a whole is within a framework and everyone expects everyone to be in same. The majority of us do, but just as there are exceptions to every rule, must be to this, and Prachiti was one.

She had two inborn divine gifts, namely, "CLARI COGNIZANCE" and "CLARI EMPATHY". As you may know, Clari Cognizance is about knowing things a lot well in advance. It has nothing to do with age, experience, but a person learns many things faster and deeper than others. Because of this, she used to advise people older and more experienced than her, which was to their advantage. But most of the time she couldn't tell the other person and she kept bothering herself. At first, she even thought, why don't people understand simple things, are they stupid? But slowly she began to understand, no, people are normal, I am far ahead of time. This only increased her patience and understanding, which always worked for her. They say, "Understanding is perfect in itself ..." I learned that understanding makes everything sound easy, Prachiti started implementing it.

In Clari Empathy, she knew what was going on in others' minds, without them telling her. That's why she was able to connect with everyone very quickly. She was very obedient and sincere from a very young age, she had the art of knowing people and their problems, that was her uniqueness. Isn't there something different about her?

"Why do you stay that way? Be neat, look at the girls around you, how neat they are .."

You will certainly not believe seeing Prachiti now, but she is very simple to look at, to live in. In her own words, she was ugly, someone to whom no one will turn around. Hair drenched in oil, spoiled front teeth, round magnifying glasses. ......

It is said that God doesn't give you something and gives more to something else. God has given everyone a sense of extra and strong to fulfil the lack of something missing. Ask what was it for Prachiti? Read on.

Prachiti had a "spiritual blessing", a "legacy of social work" and a beauty that wanted to unfold, she was yet to know herself. When she was 11-12 years old, she helped during the earthquake. At a very young age, she began to anticipate people's problems, not only understanding their problems, but they were reaching out to her and causing her indirect pain. It was so common for her to cry all of a sudden when talking to people that people began to think she was crazy.

At the tender age of thirteen, Prachiti started reading spiritual books. While reading them, she came to know, "Oh, this is what I have experienced, I have lived this ..." At that age, she started worshipping Sadguru. In doing so, she also turned to "Mind Fullness" and "Self Reflection". Prachiti enjoyed being with the trees so much that she would spend hours with them. At such a young age, what other children don't even think about, she used to do it, chat with God in the morning and at night. Isn't something really special?

Along with that, she was on the right path to academic progress. From the tenth year to the twelfth, she studied day and night, literally day and night. The only goal in my head is to become a doctor. Later she reached Nagpur for medical education. Here too, she could have just relaxed and enjoyed studying, but that wasn't Prachiti. Here too she worked in Doordarshanfor and Tarun Bharat. At the same time, she had a knack at art, she started painting through meditation, on clothes, canvas, murals. She was also aware of the art of dance. Isn't it a divine gift? And even after all this, she was never less in studies. She has done Medical Education, MBBS with 98.67% marks in 12th standard. Later she studied anesthesiology at KEM Pune.

Eventually, she married a doctor. After the death of their mother-in-law, they moved to a small village. Here she began to manage the hospital. Her husband, father and other family members, relatives are mostly gynaecologists. About 100-120 patients a day was no big deal for them, 70 or more was the bare minimum, of course, more women.

Here her spiritual knowledge helped her. When talking to women, she could easily adapt herself to them, to their problems. In it, she realized that about 80% of women's problems are due to mental stress. For them, she started yoga guidance, counselling. Along with his mental problems, she realized that many women are going through these financial problems. Prachiti set up the "Abhijeeta Mahila Hastakala" centre as a small token of sense for women. She was carrying out another social task of making women financially self-sufficient by combining the art and hard work of women. One thing to mention here is that their "Banjara Embroidery" has also been awarded by the "Government of India FSDO".

Prachiti started Life Coaching, for which she founded Prachiti Kokoro in August 2008. She also took courses like "CBT, NLP" to help her work harder and reach more people by adding science to her spirituality. Life coaching, counselling has helped her overcome most of the problems of women, even infertility.

Prachiti has two smart and virtuous children, the elder daughter and a younger son. The boy had many medical problems. For two years she was so tied up that she forgot to sleep. So much so, that she began to suffer from a spinal cord injury. But even in this situation, if she didn't give up, she did not stop her education even during that time. Passed three exams of Mind Fullness (Level 1, 2, 3) along with Ayurveda and Homeopathy studies.

As her son turned five years and his problems were solved, Prachiti was ready to move on. Now she started Ashram Seva, Panchatatva Sadhana, Shivanbhu Sadhana. Prachiti also performed three months of rigorous penance.

When the children got a little older, Prachiti kept them at home in Pune and continued her medical practice in another city. During her important year, however, she came to live with them. Here too, she worked as a "faculty lecturer" at the School of Fashion Technology. Now comes the real "twist" in her life. Do they ever come shouting, of course not?

Once in Pune, she came across an advertisement for "WEAA Miss India". Prachiti had a fashion sense from the beginning. Among other negative things, she was always appreciated for her clothes and jewellery. She loved it too. So, when this advertisement reached her, just a day before the deadline, she filled out the form with the help of neighbours. She wanted to do something new and different, even though she didn't know what to do, how to do it, whether she could do it or not.

She won Mrs Pune, and later she started looking for Mrs India. In this, her goal was different from others. Only social work is the purpose, everyone says, but Prachiti wanted other common people to benefit from the spiritual knowledge she was born with.

So. After Mrs Pune, she went on a Delhi, Jaipur, Agra trip with her niece and sister in law. At a program there, it was casually asked on stage, "Does anyone want to sing?" Prachiti reached the stage. She sang the song that she loved since childhood, which she always praised, the song that she had forgotten because of bullying, "Main sundar na sahi, par chehra mera kuch bura nahi....... Banungi main Miss India.."

In the case of Prachiti, this song turns out to be true. With the help of spirituality, science, spiritual beauty, the hope of innovation, the habit of immersing oneself in the work undertaken and the determination to achieve success, Prachiti became not "Miss India" but "Mrs India".

Dr Prachiti Punde from Pune won the title ‘Mrs. Universe Austral Asia and she represented in December 2021 for Mrs Universe where contestants from 90 countries of the world participate. She went through to Diva pageants. Karl and Anjana Mascarenhas mentors will groom her to perfection. Recently Famous Bollywood actress Brunha Abdullah crowned Dr Prachiti and Anjana Mascarenhas the National Director honoured her with Mrs Universe Australasia Sash. She is thankful to diva pageants for this Looking forward to making India proud. Famous Bollywood actress Brunha Abdullah crowned Dr Prachiti and Anjana Mascarenhas honoured her with Diva Pageants Sash; so she has thanked Anjana.

Dr Prachiti through her life coaching firm Prachiti Kokoro preaches ‘helping people build a rock-solid Foundation through self-mastery is essential for the quality and longevity of a human being.’

She is happy with this title as it is helping her to spread the message to the world through Mrs Universe's participation.

Her "Doctor by Profession and Model by Passion" is an inspiration to all aspiring girls, and will be. Whatever is your field of work, you should cherish your passion, if you make progress in the field of your passion, then this success in the field is yours. You have talent inside you, some qualities are inborn. You just have to help yourself and others to get benefited.

She is a real person. She struggles, and she sparkles. She is no longer afraid to say what makes her angry, sad, or what she thinks is unfair. She's not afraid to admit that at times she feels worthless, lost, or not enough. She's refusing to hide from love, beauty, aliveness, magic, and abundance. She won't edit the sad or messed up parts of her story, or the magnitude of her triumphs, to make anyone comfortable. She is a real person.

Her basic purpose has always been social work. That is why she emphasized SELF MASTERY, by adding science to her innate spiritual knowledge. That's why her KOKORO organization was founded. To reach out to others, she came to these competitions. She wanted to get other women along with her. She has been working on Mind Fullness for 24 years, for which she is also representing India. She wishes to tell women that they don't have to hurt anyone to get something, you don't have to lose themselves, modelling. You can get what you want by combining the two, but for that you need to get "self-mastery". This is the message she wants to give to the whole world from India, that's why she chose the field of Pageant and modeling so that she can reach out to as many people as possible, especially women. To date, she has been completely successful in this and will continue to do so. We wish Prachiti all the very best in her future endeavours.

and one recent update

Dr Prachiti Punde has stepped into the field of entertainment through the song Bol Na Tu.

The song 'Bol Na Tu' presented by Shalini Productions and Mad Studios on the occasion of Valentine's Day was launched by Meghraj Raj Bhosale, Chairman, Akhil Bharatiya Chitrpat Mahamandal, Film producer Vijayalakshmi Jadhav, Fashion Guru Lovell Prabhu, International Beauty Contest organizer Karl Mascarenhas, Anti Corruption Association President Chirag Aswani, Vishal Gore and Dr Prachiti Punde, Mrs India Universe Australasia 2021 were present on the occasion.

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