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Dr Inderjit Singh declared as Positive Thoughts Achiever Of The week

Team Stay Featured is feeling honoured to announce Dr Inderjit Singh as Positive Thoughts Achiever Of The Week

Dr Inderjit Singh is one of the Key Mentor of Positive Thoughts.

Let's have Some more idea about him

Dr Inderjit is a Consultant with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Montreal, Canada, a specialized agency in the United Nations (UN) system of organizations. He has served in senior-level diplomatic positions in several countries of Asia, South-East Asia, the Middle-East, Africa and South America in the development of aviation infrastructure.

He was selected among the 12 “Global Impact Leaders 2020’ by an accreditation group in London. He has been honoured to be the “Global Influencer 2021” among 21 Influencers worldwide, a rare occurrence of having been selected twice in two consecutive years.

He was the CEO of Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGIA), New Delhi – the 16th busiest in the world and categorized “Hypersensitive” from threat perception.

He is an MBA, followed by an advanced management course at Oxford University, U.K., and an aviation management course from the University of California, Berkeley, USA. While in Oxford, he specialized in Emotional Intelligence(EI) as an elective subject.

Inderjit is a visiting faculty to many renowned learning institutions. He regularly contributes articles on topical matters related to aviation and behavioural skills in some leading journals worldwide.

His latest book titled ‘Tough Roads Creates Tough People” was recently published and launched globally in London.

Pearls of wisdom by Dr Inderjit -

Ideas when converted into reaction added with action, then comes out as a complete reflection.

Be a lifelong learner and never consider that you have achieved everything and you are at the top, maybe there will be another step to make you a better person.

Life is the biggest teacher who will train you, who will help you to be a better person. Don't be judgemental, and follow your instinct and build your concept and theories to prove somebody good or wrong.

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The article is written by Dr Anuja Malik (Content Head of Positive Thoughts)


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