Her Royal Majesty Queen Nadia Harihiri honoured as Positive Thoughts Achiever Of The Week

"We Are the Key to unlock the world"

Her Royal Majesty Queen Nadia Harihiri is an International Advisor of Positive Thoughts from France

Her Royal Majesty Queen Nadia Harihiri is from France, Crowned Her Royal Majesty Queen Aya of the Continent of Africa on 26th October 2019 in a glorious ceremony that took place in Cote D’voire.

She is the Founder & CEO of Successworld1, which is the World Academy of the people and working on the mission of free High-Quality Education for all. She also runs Successworld1 Mental Health Clinic, which is a free Mental Health Clinic with Psychologists and experts in Mental Health, to help people to overcome their fears, difficulties, anxieties, doubts, etc. HRM Queen Nadia Harihiri also created the economy of Heart to create an economic reality in every country, bringing new technology in renewable energy, waste energy, agriculture, portable water To support people to get out from the slavery of misery and give a chance to everyone to become financially independent. Her biggest fight is Free Education to eradicate Child Labour and Women Empowerment. Equality between men and women is the prosperity and peace of a nation.

Successworld1 provides opportunities that create economic growth and empowerment. Opening up trade between the Continent of Africa, Asia, Europe, South America, North America, Oceania. Encouraging the manufacturing of finished products in each country creating export opportunities and trade.

Her Majesty the Queen holds the position of Ambassador at Large for UN Affairs at the International Human Rights Commission, IHRC and Arbitration Judge for the Federal Court of Human Rights. Her Majesty goes the extra mile to ensure justice is achieved. Standing against any injustice against humanity. According to her, Human rights are the basic rights and freedom that belongs to every person in the world, from birth until death. These basic rights are based on shared values like dignity, fairness, equality, respect and independence. These values are defined and protected by Law.

Her Majesty the Queen is the Vice President of the 1st International Women Parliament 2021.

Her Majesty sits on the Advisory Board of Rockfield College of Sciences and Technology in Switzerland RCST. An institution is known for its innovative academic curriculum. She is the Pro-Chancellor of El-RoI London University, International Executive & Advisory Member of the Governing Council at Crown Point International College of Health Sciences and Technology. Her Majesty also holds the position of Global Ambassador at UNNATII-The Upliftment.

Her Majesty Queen Nadia intends on unifying all the NGO’s who have a mandate to assist humanity so that they can work together to achieve their goals and make a lasting Global impact to bring positive change and understanding. Protecting the vulnerable, giving a voice to those who are not heard and creating a platform where women have the same opportunities that have only been made available to men due to cultural influences are very close to her heart.

“The body cannot walk with one leg, So why condemn the equality between men and women”. This World must restore its balance!!

Her Majesty the Queen has graced the cover of the FBI Magazine as of the most influential friends of Africa. At the PAN African Summit 2019, Strategic Her Royal Highness received an award for the impact she is creating on the continent to provide opportunities within the area of education, human rights, gender equality, various empowerment opportunities, sports, hydroponics, agricultural projects and food security to name a few.

His Royal Majesty King Denis Okafor the King of EZEIGBO OHANAEZE KINGDOM in Central Ghana Region appointed Her Royal Highness Queen Nadia Harihiri, as the President of UN-ONGO of India. She is also the Patro