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"One Step Closer " celebrated its success with "Meet-n-Greet " for Well-Wishers and Readers

20th November was a bit different than other days.

It was not just a celebration but also get together of positive vibes even in heavy rains.

It was an evening to celebrate " One Step Closer "-Debut Novel by Young Writer Soniyaa Murhe.

Each one of the visitors conveyed their feelings to Team Stay Featured

Pallavi Puri and Abhay Wilson with Author Soniyaa Murhe

"Meet and Greet" was an amazing experience for me and the author. We have a lot of things about books about memories about life. Overall it was great meeting all of you guys. Congratulations to the author and best wishes " Said Pallavi Puri

Sumeet Pandit with Author Soniyaa Murhe

It was a great initiative. I had an awesome time with all. I got to know the real motivation behind the book and the message that the author wanted to give through this book. Thank you Soniya for this amazing experience. I wish her best luck for the future "Added by Author's Friend Sumeet Pandit

Asma Chougule  with Author Soniyaa Murhe

It was an amazing time! "One Step Closer" is special and I'm glad I was invited to be a part of this "Meet-n-Greet". Meeting new people has been a tough task for me, but surprisingly I had a great time! Good talks and waves of laughter over Chai and snacks and overall I could say "Simply beautiful evening!" Asma Chougule shared her thoughts in this way

Parameshwari Sharma   with Author Soniyaa Murhe

"From scratch to meet n greet. I've seen such a pretty caterpillar transforming into a butterfly 🦋 😍 . Talking about the meet is something like watching that butterfly dancing 💃 ☺️ The excitement to be a part of the back story and witnessing the audience being one of those is wonderful!! Knowing the storyline of the book, the feeling and messages of her readers was a great part. 👍 I would just say keep doing it and be a great writer !! All the best for the next book !! 📖 From a reader to a reader 😀 And as I say, To write, read it first !!😊" Parmeshwari Sharma grabbed our attention With a Spontaneous reaction like this

 Shruti Joshi with Author Soniyaa Murhe

"ONE STEP CLOSER"🤗 towards happiness when all different people mutually shared good vibes and celebrated her very first meet and greet.A moment to remember 🤗

- Shruti Joshi conveyed her thoughts with a cheerful smile for her friend and author of the book Soniyaa Murhe

Shruti Joshi, Priyanka Ghorpade Nigade, and Shivani Vidhate posed for the photo with Author Soniyaa Murhe

Priyanka Ghorpade Nigade was no exception while saying "It was a very great and well-organised event. I had enjoyed it a lot. Looking forward to many more to come."

Gurmeet Kaur Khanduja with Author Soniyaa Murhe

 Siddhant Sambherao Patil with Author Soniyaa Murhe

Nishank Rathod with Author Soniyaa Murhe

L to R : Niranjan Bendre, Sheetal, Jaee Chavan, and Atharva Murhe with Author Soniyaa Murhe

During this timeline, our team Managed to meet the star of the show author, Soniyaa Murhe. then she started to express her feelings with our team

"The whole experience of writing, editing, and publishing a novel has been amazing.

It all started with a desire to voice out my thoughts and opinions in some way... And before I knew it, I had started writing poems, quotes, short stories, etc.

This story is close to my heart as it highlights various situations that our generation goes through."

She shared a hint about a story like this

'One Step Closer revolves around the life of Shreya, an architect who has fought her way through society's stereotypes to build an identity of her own. Her orthodox family and her dark past have made it difficult for her to trust anyone but herself. Professionally, she is a strong independent woman who's a go-getter. However, personally, her heart is hidden in a dark place filled with insecurities and fear. One Step Closer is her journey from that dark place to a brighter one filled with love, happiness, friendship, and trust'

About Meet n Greet, Soniyaa Replied

"The One Step Closer Meet-n-Greet was a sweet success. I am thankful for everyone who came. Meeting everyone after such a long time itself was amazing.

These people have supported my writing from day one and always pushed me to do more. This journey would have been incomplete without their support."

Dear Readers, if you want to know more about Soniyaa Murhe, just go through these links to reach out.

Amazon link of "One Step Closer":

Instagram profile: soniyaam_198

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