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Worried about arranged marriage? “The Right One” is here to put an end to all your worries

You are meeting a person for an arranged marriage. You have no idea what they are like, you are worried whether they are the right person for you. How do you find this perfect partner? Does this “right one” even exist?

These are the questions that Dishant and Avni face in a new and beautiful short film, The Right One, played by the Kahe Diya Pardes -fame Rishi Saxena and The Big Bull -actor Lekha Prajapati, releasing on MX Player on Friday, June 25.

The 27-minutes-long film depicts the fears and misconceptions today’s youth have regarding the arranged marriage system, and how when it’s the right person it doesn’t matter if it’s arranged or love, all that matters is the “right one” that you fall in love with.

Directed by an upcoming and talented director, Sagar Ladhe, and produced by Chandrakant Hire and Blackboard Motion Pictures, The Right One can be watched free of charge on MX Player starting Friday evening.


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