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Vedix launches age & dosha customised Ayurvedic Oral Detox

World’s first and largest customised Ayurveda Beauty tech brand Vedix announces its entry into oral hygiene with the launch of oil pulling oils. The range which consists of 3 SKUs is customised for Vedix customers depending on age and dosha profile. Kapha is dominant in the young age, Pitta in the middle and Vata is dominant in old age. Teeth health thus requires different dosha balancing herbs for the maintenance of good health.

Oil pulling has been practised in India for ages. Charak Samhita mentions “brushing twice daily with a twig is as important as mouth rinsing.” Different formulations, oils, herbs, and decoctions have been enlisted in Ayurvedic texts for achieving your ultimate oral care health goals. Current research on oil pulling confirms the therapeutic effect of this practice.

Oil pulling is a part of Ayurvedic Dinacharya - a daily routine. Ayurveda recommends doing Gandusha / Kavala (oil pulling) daily before or after brushing. Oil pulling dissolves plaque more effectively than water-based mouthwash.

Jatin Gujrati, Business Head, Vedix, says, “Vedix is taking bold steps by launching this new category which is currently dominated by legacy brands. Our offering comes with a customised layer as Ayurveda teaches us. We have perfected blends of herbal extracts, essential oils and cold-pressed base oils to deliver maximum efficacy in maintaining optimum oral health. We are on a mission to bring 5,000 years old Ayurveda benefits to the masses.”

Oils nurture a healthy biome. On regular use, it strikes a healthy balance of good vs. bad bacteria in the mouth. It detoxifies the saliva and maintains a healthy oral pH. Gum health improves, as reduced plaque results in lesser tartar (solidified plaque). Increased oral pH protects the enamel and reduces sensitivity. A healthier oral cavity also means lesser throat and nasal infections.

These oils incorporate bark extracts to yield the benefit of using herbal twigs. Sesame oil has teeth strengthening effect, according to Ayurveda. The Vedix oil pulling oils have a combination of sesame and coconut oil, which makes them palatable and very effective. The range of oil pulling oils are available on leading marketplaces Amazon, Flipkart, Purplle. Priced at Rs 799 for a 30-day regimen

A mix of essential oils like peppermint, eucalyptus, thyme, tulsi, clove, cinnamon etc. are chosen, each for its specific oral benefit. For example, Fennel essential oil increases salivary pH, thus preventing cavities. A boost of menthol ensures you finish oil pulling feeling fresh and invigorated. The oils are sufficient to last an entire month of daily use. Here’s a quick guide to integrated Gandusha for a customised oral detox

Morning, empty stomach.
Can be used before or after brushing the teeth.
Followed by Rinsing with warm water, or can be left just as is.
Can you swallow?
Never, always spit it out. It's laden with microbes.
Not advised below the age of 5.
5 ml - 10 ml ( 1 - 2 spoons).
Hold the oil and keep swirling and swishing, as your saliva draws out and plaque slowly dissolves, for at least 2 minutes. With practice, it can be done for up to 20 minutes.

As per the Ministry of Ayush, “Oil pulling (gandusha) has been used to prevent decay, oral odour, gum bleeding, dryness of throat, cracked lips and for strengthening the teeth, gums and the jaw. It is a simple daily regimen, which when done routinely, enhances the senses, brings about a feeling of freshness and maintains clarity in the voice.” Gandusha can help in dealing with migraines, inflammation of the throat along with impure skin, fatigue and dullness.

About Vedix:

World’s first customized Ayurvedic beauty & wellness brand

Vedix is an Ayurvedic beauty & wellness brand that provides customised Hair, Skincare, and Wellness regimes. Vedix’s unique proposition is to curate products to suit each individual’s ¬body characteristics, as identified by their doshas. The core of Vedix is the Tridosha theory of Ayurveda. Every person is born with their unique set of Doshas (Vata, Pitta and Kapha) that make their Prakuriti, and true Ayurvedic solutions are customized to address each individual’s uniqueness. Vedix seeks to achieve this by understanding one’s Prakuriti and skin/hair/body concerns through a questionnaire, and then leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence-driven technology to craft individualized products.

The concept of customization is very new to the Indian lifestyle and wellness landscape, and Vedix endeavours to break the notion of one size fits all, as well as the vicious cycle of trial and error that leads to unsatisfactory results. Vedix is the first and only one working at providing customized Ayurvedic solutions in this space.

Over the last few years, Vedix has created a dominant position in the Indian D2C haircare market with its range of customised Ayurvedic oils, serums and shampoos. It is also India’s first skincare brand to launch a 100% edible grade non-foaming cleanser made with high-quality ingredients. Vedix aspires to evolve the brand that continues to innovate in the area of modern Ayurveda. The Company has launched a range of products in new categories and are available on Amazon India and Purplle.


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