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India’s customised Ayurveda Beauty brand Vedix onboards Kunal Kapoor to promote haircare range

India’s first and largest customised Ayurvedic beauty brand Vedix announces a digital marketing campaign to promote its hair care range of products. The Company has brought on board Kunal Kapoor as the face of the campaign. Kunal who has touched millions of movie fans with his enthralling performance in Rang De Basanti and most recently in The Empire can give anyone jealousy pangs with his well-kept mane.

Vedix has established itself as the market leader in the premium beauty segment for all genders. Started 3 years ago, Vedix today services close to one lakh new customers every month with a repeat ratio of 65% double the industry average. The Brand, through its D2C channel, has helped over one million customers till date manage their skin and hair problems.

Jatin Gujrati, Business Head - Vedix, says, “Every individual wants to look good and feel confident about their hair. Balding is a common phenomenon, especially among men. But richly crafted Ayurveda solutions that are customised for every customer can help them manage hair loss and also generate new hair growth. We are excited to begin this partnership with Kunal Kapoor who is confident in his skin and lights up screens every time he comes on. Vedix too brings the same effect on its customers. Vedix believes we are the true inheritors of the 5000-year-old tried and tested Ancient Indian Heritage of Ayurveda and bring it to our customers in India and globally in a Modern Avatar.”

Vedix, one of the most prominent D2C beauty tech brands, has recently launched its range on top marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, Purplle, Myntra and Tata Cliq. The brand has a run rate of Rs 160 crore and aims to clock revenues of Rs 500 crore by 2025.

Kunal Kapoor is an actor who provokes audiences with his performances and is one of the few models turned actors who have emerged as a style icon and a trendsetter. Vedix uses top of the range herbal ingredients like Aloe, Amla, Brahmi, Almond, Bhringraj, Wheat germ, Jojoba, Triphala, Quinoa, Coconut, Argan, Tea tree, Dhatura and Durva, which attack the problem in a focussed way for a high degree of efficacy. Vedix has pioneered the use of a feedback loop where the customer is sent a follow-up email/WhatsApp 7-10 days after purchase to confirm the effectiveness and finetune and make changes if required free of cost.

Commenting on his association with Vedix, Kunal Kapoor says, “A large number of men in India reported hair loss in 2020. This is because of work pressure and the stress of the pandemic. But also because of the simple fact that as you age, your hair needs more care. Hair Fall is not only about genetics. Many of us don't know those fancy hair products have harmful chemicals that damage your hair over time. Vedix has spent a lot of time researching and understanding Ayurveda to formulate a regimen to fight hair fall, reduce dandruff and boost hair growth. Their real time analysis of hair problems help you pick up just the right regimen for you.”

Vedix is also working on an exciting new range to hit the digital shelves this month. The brand will be rolling out an entire range of focussed men's specialised and customised face cleansers, moisturisers, face cream, face lotion, face gel, face serum, face toner and shampoo. Vedix has already gone live with a new unisex range of face oil, face masks and body scrub on top marketplaces.

Click here to see the digital campaign:

About Vedix: World’s first customized Ayurvedic beauty & wellness brand

Vedix is an Ayurvedic beauty & wellness brand that provides customised Hair, Skincare, and Wellness regimes. Vedix’s unique proposition is to curate products to suit each individual’s ¬body characteristics, as identified by their doshas. The core of Vedix is the Tridosha theory of Ayurveda. Every person is born with their unique set of Doshas (Vata, Pitta and Kapha) that make their Prakuriti, and true Ayurvedic solutions are customized to address each individual’s uniqueness. Vedix seeks to achieve this by understanding one’s Prakuriti and skin/hair/body concerns through a questionnaire, and then leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence-driven technology to craft individualized products.

The concept of customization is very new to the Indian lifestyle and wellness landscape, and Vedix endeavours to break the notion of one size fits all, as well as the vicious cycle of trial and error that leads to unsatisfactory results. Vedix is the first and only one working at providing customized Ayurvedic solutions in this space.

Over the last few years, Vedix has created a dominant position in the Indian D2C haircare market with its range of customised Ayurvedic oils, serums and shampoos. It is also India’s first skincare brand to launch a 100% edible grade non-foaming cleanser made with high-quality ingredients. Vedix aspires to evolve the brand that continues to innovate in the area of modern Ayurveda. The Company has launched a range of products in new categories that are available on Amazon India and Purplle.


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