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Valuing your Services - From the Linkedin Feed of Arunima Jha

Noticing as a pattern in general people, there's always a fear when they contact lawyers. I think that happens because of a lack of knowledge. I however believe that statutes are accessible to everyone and it shouldn't be something to be scared of.

Hence it's imperative to value relationships you have established with your Clients. Networking is becoming such an integral and important part of the legal community, particularly in a time where you don't see people face to face. Building a network of people is an effective part of community building. The scope of networking is so much broader now and you need to do endeavours that helps you connect with the right people. You need to know who your clients are and what are their needs?

So, I have evolved a little bit in the past and LinkedIn is serving as such an amazing platform to engage with people. I have started reaching out to people and I found that by connecting with these people I started with community building. I have also been invited to join some active groups and they've been a great support system. I have always loved Instagram and I have found a community over there. Starting over there with commenting, liking etc. has worked out well for me.

In this Pic :Lawyer And Author Arunima Jha 

Law is fascinating and it intertwines with every aspect of life. I really love to learn and surround myself with people who know more than I do. I love to be challenged. Blogging fits my personality. I believe as lawyers we have greater responsibility to serve society and help people. I love having conversations with people and I love to write. For me, it's a creative outlet. It's all about sharing knowledge with people. I believe in empowering my Client and make them understand the basic principles of why am I doing a particular thing.

I believe in having a connection with my clients and it makes them more aware of the fact that I am a human too. There's a bit more understanding of time frames and deadlines.

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