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Meet Achiever of the Week - Dr. Sanjeev Kapoor, classic example of simple living and high thinking.

Team Stay Featured is Extremely Proud to announce Dr. Sanjeev Kapoor as an Achiever Of The Week in association with Positive Thoughts

Dr. Sanjeev Kapoor is a passionate leader who truly loves the challenge of shaping industry transformations. He is currently the Director Affiliations and International Advisor of Sports Academy Association of India (SPAA India), on the Advisory Boards of Sporko, MaxFit India, IDYMF, Charles Walter Society for Innovation, and Research (CWSIR) - State Coordinator, Lloyd Business School (Industry Corporate Coach). He is also the Chairman of The SportsGrail, Director (New Delhi), for the Indian Chamber of Commerce in the Slovak Republic (INDCHAM), Chief Corporate Communication for Indian Golf Circuit (IGC), and also Green Heart Dignity, Itlay. Dr. Kapoor is also the Ambassador of Commonwealth Entrepreneur Club and the Chairperson of Positive thoughts.

Dr. Sanjeev Kapoor’s Journey -

Though born in an affluent family, Dr, Sanjeev Kapoor is a classic example of simple living and high thinking.

From Childhood, Dr. Kapoor had the vision to achieve more and reach heights.

Being the youngest in the family, he was petted and pampered by his parents and siblings. He was a darling of his teachers because of his helping and caring nature which was inculcated by his parents.

After his school education as he secured very high marks, he pursued his engineering from Delhi College of Engineering and graduated from there with a degree in Computer engineering and was the second topper of the university. He further joined Delhi Schools of Economics (DSE) to pursue Post Graduation in International Marketing and was topped in many subjects. Since he managed to bring Mr. Sam Pitroda for a National symposium as Guest of Honour, he was affectionately called by his name ever then in DSE. Dr. Kapoor’s Studies didn’t end there. Again he acquired his Masters of Business Management from NMIMS.The University of Mumbai. His individual contributions in the college have always brought him numerous recognitions and Honours. He won around 16 awards during his course.

Despite all these awards and honors, he has always shown the values of simple living. He is known for his down-to-earth nature and friendliness. His achievements and hard work are great examples for any human being.

After completing his education Dr. Kapoor joined the TATA group and worked in many more big Corporates.

Dr. Sanjeev Kapoor was the part of the launch of few Technologies in India.

In spite of health issues, Dr, Sanjeev Kapoor continues his service with enthusiasm to date.

According to him, challenges are not challenges but new opportunities. “Every day, every moment, every deceiving, every decision, every truth, every lies, every bias teaches us a lesson”.

Born in a traditional family in Delhi, the S Kapoor’s thumb rule was to converse only in their mother tongue at home. This was one of the barriers that he had to face, the language barrier and pressure from the relatives. Another challenge for Dr. Kapoor was socializing with people.

Though Dr. Kapoor was emotional and workaholic, the teetotaller had and has a passion for cooking and was one of the contestants in Master Chef India 2010, Season 1.

According to Dr. Sanjeev, the training industry and the digital world complement each other. In fact in this pandemic situation, the training industry is booming, as there is less wastage of time, money due to virtual meet.

The five Panchas or Mantra according to Dr. Kapoor are:

● Be conscious about one’s own steps

● Don’t expect any returns from others

● Try to be happy even in Odd Situations

● Be communicative

● Treat Everyone Equally

See you with another personality in coming week till then stay connected with stay featured .


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