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Level up your practice- Linkedin Feed From Arunima Jha

Hello, this is Arunima Jha who is extremely thankful to Team Stay Featured and SMMH for publishing this.

I don't have a usual week. For me, client management and work management is the utmost important thing to do. The basic premise is to cultivate an abundance mindset. There's always more and therefore we should share more ideas and give more to society. Some lawyers for example don't share much information with their juniors because of the fear that the junior might take away the Client. That's a whole lot different spectrum. So by sharing your knowledge are you helping your competitors? I mean are these national security secrets? I mean this has to be applied in some way.

I do not have the perspective of selfishness or have a tribute to general practice. I believe in helping other lawyers by sharing my knowledge and by helping them become better lawyers if I can.

This scarcity mindset happens too often and that's scary. If you have this mindset that you have to do everything on your own that you will not be able to grow because you will be too focused on your personal growth. You need to have a vision and act on it to make it possible.

To have a healthy mindset, approach it every day. One of the things that I struggle with is that other people get accolades or success that maybe I don't have. Perhaps I don't even need but that's an insecurity that I have. So one of the things that I practice is not to compare myself with someone else.

Overcoming the fear of rejection. I don't like being rejected. While some people are okay with rejection, I am not geared that way - "accepting being told no". So, it's choice and understanding that even if you fail at something, you need to assess it in a way to understand what caused it. Sometimes you can do all the right things and still fail because some things are beyond your control. So focus on the process and not the outcome. For example, a jury may pass an order in your favour but a different jury on a different day may come out with a different verdict. The same is very much true in cases of cases where the outcome is not in your favour.

Another learning is that you have to own up to your mistakes. When you screw up, own up. That maintains the trust of your partners and clients. You have to decide your priorities. It's all about choices.

Certainly in the last five months, a lot of things have changed and WFH has become the norm. A lot of us are still experiencing the flexibility of working from home. For some, it's non-functional but for me, it works. So it's a matter of prioritizing and the act of continuing to keep making such choices. Set your Client's expectations and then reinforce them through your behaviour. For example, if you say that you're okay to work on a contract on an emergency basis and then you don't, it creates a disconnect. That would remove so much frustration from the people and they wouldn't be angry if you don't.

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