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Trending Live with Richa Mehta is now hitting 100+ show episodes

The famous chat show “Trending Live with Richa Mehta” has recently completed one year along with hitting 100+ show episodes. The show is hosted by the famous page 3 personality, Richa Mehta, who herself is a successful entrepreneur, model, and actress. The show has garnered an audience from multiple social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and is also broadcasted Internationally.

In its running seasons, the show has hosted multiple celebrities and business tycoons from various fields who have entertained and imparted knowledge from their respected experience. The show has been a source of positivity and silver lining in recent pandemic times. Recently, “Trending Live with Richa Mehta” hosted Dr Gaurav Goyal who is the Director and second-generation entrepreneur of his family’s heritage business, Gopal’s 56.

Dr Gaurav Goyal shared insights and shared the history behind his famous brand Gopal’s 56 which was started by his late Father Mr Dinesh Chand Goyal. Dr Gaurav also shared that how he and his team have played a significant role in transforming his family’s brand in the last two decades. The brand Gopal’s 56 serves more than 56 flavours of 100% veg oil-free ice creams/shakes and entered in the food line by introducing famous snacks like “Cholle Bhature”. Dr Gaurav also shared that Gopal’s 56 not only has a vast line of products but also focuses on creating food and ice-creams which are very healthy. He also made some revelations on introducing breakthrough technologies and innovation to his famous ice-cream segment which will serve as a healthy option to all our youth.

Overall, the show was much appreciated, applauded and marked success by all the segments of the society. The show maintained a huge viewership across all the platforms. The viewers also asked live questions and are keenly awaiting to taste Gopal’s 56 tantalizing Ice-creams/Shakes and satisfy their craving taste buds in their respective cities. To this, Dr Gaurav also revealed his future plans of expansion and reaching not only parts and cities of India but also abroad.

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