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Sanya Malhotra inviting Pinkaholics as Bewakoof launches #PeppyPink as Color of the Month September

India’s largest D2C fashion brand staying true to its purpose of hatke announces Peppy Pink as the colour of the month. Colour of the month is a property, which was launched 18 months ago, in tandem with the global trend of colour forecasting.

Sanya Malhotra, who recently came on board to promote the brand, will be seen in the colour of the month fashion apparel by Bewakoof. A 360-degree marketing campaign to promote colour of the month has been rolled out which will see Sanya in different avatars across all Digital platforms.

The Colour of the month is announced on the 1st of every month with an entire range of products in the colour. The products are offered at a starting price of Rs 249 from 1st to 3rd of the month. Bewakoof, which has pioneered in bringing this international trend to India over a year back, has seen it grow into a cult where customers have been queuing up virtually to book the products in their favourite colours.

Prabhkiran Singh, Founder CEO,, says, “Internationally forecasting colour is a multi-billion dollar industry as colour is one of the most important ingredients of the fashion industry. We have attempted to take it to the next level by bringing a new colour every month, which is in line with the international flavour by using AI in predicting the right colour. With Sanya on board, we are going all out with an aggressive campaign in the works as we feel colour of the month is now one of our most awaited initiatives every month.”

Amit Mahajan, Design Head,, says, “Colours are known to have different effects on our mood. It is a common practice to choose colours as per our mood and season and dress up accordingly. Some colours soothe us, some excite us and some just leave us with a smile on our faces. Our story behind the colour of the month is inspired to bring some lightheartedness into the lives of our customers. We chose Peppy Pink for September as seasons begin to change and we thought of choosing a colour, which can immediately lift our spirits and make us feel empowered to take on any challenge thrown at us. Peppy Pink can be paired with dark, light and whites giving it a quality to stand out and still not be in your face. It is a show stopper colour and our customers are no less than A-list models to flaunt their expressions in a lively and confident colour like Peppy Pink.”

Peppy Pink inspired range is now live and the company expects to sell half a million units within 72 hours of the launch.

About Bewakoof, founded in 2012, is a D2C fashion brand built on social media, with content marketing being a key growth strategy. The brand philosophy is to add lightheartedness to life through its self-expressive products and fun shopping experiences.

The expressions the brand enables on products are relatable and Indian in nature including prints in regional languages (Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Telugu, Gujarati, etc). As the smaller towns of India have shifted online in the last 3 years, the USP of Indian Inspiration and regional languages have helped the brand grow.

The brand is popular for its offerings in casual wear and has recently launched indo-fusion ethnic and sleepwear. Along with a range of collaborations with Marvel, DC Comics, Looney Tunes, Star Wars, F.R.I.E.N.D.S, and Disney. It’s got a large collection of Jackets, Bombers and Hoodies. The brand has 4.5 Million fans on Facebook and 1.5 Million followers on Instagram.

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