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Translating your legal service into Business Development : Linkedin Feed From Arunima Jha

Strategize and try to understand what resonates with your Clients. As a corporate attorney based in India, I kind of have lived the art of setting up companies from raising capital through venture capital, acquisition, private equity et al. As attorneys we become business advisors.

You need to understand the business and help them find the right pitch to approach the right investor. To be honest, hitting the milestone feels so amazing. As an attorney, it's important to understand how you look at a particular transaction and there's no amount of billable hours that would make a company successful. It's all about your passion to bring the right amount of growth.

Thinking about business, I look at the sub-optimal elements and I like to be involved with the product, business, documents to help build a business around.

I love experimenting with ideas and in my experience being a lawyer helps me sail through the specialized areas smoothly. Of course, there are times when I feel nervous but whenever I am nervous, I always think at the end of the day if the idea fails, what's the worst that could happen? It fails terribly. So I go back to the scratch. So I go back to understanding the journey and it helps me to be an attorney with a much better experience.

The feeling of failing is terrifying but I like to keep trying how to do things for the Client and you need to know what it means to be an attorney. You have to learn, you have to admit that there might still be things you don't know about and hence you need to read and research about it. Sometimes it may result in a dysfunctional way of work like as attorneys you may not have a dedicated team to work upon a matter. You need to figure out how to solve the problem with reduced costs. You need to identify how to help people grow but you also need to be aware of when to allow a person to leave (sometimes for their good). What I learned when people look to you as the leader, you need to hold that faith of your team. At the end of the day, the team keeps going.

You need the determination to keep going. Be relentless and one part of being a lawyer is to consume a lot amount of information. I do a lot of reading, listen to podcasts, connect with people and what it comes down to is to tap into skills that I as an attorney do not have.

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