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Bonjour, lovely people! With more than 70 copies already sold this month, I am glad to share my journey of reaching here! So here it is!

I remember searching for this concept for the first time nearly two years back and typed "consciousness during menstruation" on the internet. Each result I could find there varied from the other. And can you really guess what I got hold of? I got hold of the term "conscious menstruation" mentioned as a choice for refined options! Now...this was quite interesting because I got exactly what I wanted and then I was taken to the search results where people had linked menstruation with nature, especially the beautiful seasons that we witness, the spring and the fall! There I could find what people were really missing out on. They were missing out on something more insider than the connection with nature, something more purposeful than tuning into the seasons, something more important than embracing your beauty! And that was about realizing and embracing the power that lies within each woman due to the entire menstrual cycle and not just the duration of the ongoing periods! I could feel the need for a bridge that needs to be constructed in order for not just women but also men to reach a mindset that knows what power does a woman really possess, and embrace it.

But... I tell you that I was truly clueless on how to start building this bridge! Well! There was this one question always on my mind, "How can I bring out the power in women to rejuvenate humanity?" So, I started learning about the natural sciences and their connection with women. I read various articles which tried to convey the importance of imbibing the values of the seasons in our menstrual cycle. I also tried to talk to different sets of people on what they think about the phenomenon of menstruation and its advantages. And after doing all of this, after I was done with all my research work, I started building the link, the bridge that I always wanted to construct. So, here lies it!!!

You can find everything about this concept in my book named "MENSTRUATION: A CONSCIOUSNESS THAT IS EXPERIENCED UNCONSCIOUSLY" and I really hope you all love it! Talking about the response that I have got till now, it had been an amazing experience hearing positive and thankful quotes from people who have read the book.

This book is one of a kind because it relates menstruation to your spiritual awakening! Not only does it makes you realize your power as a woman but takes you to the roots of this power which is your menstrual cycle! Your menstrual cycle drives your whole life and probably that's why you are so connected to everything and undergo all sorts of emotions but this power can be used in another way that is to lead the most awakened form of life in the best possible way! Read further to know more about your powers!

I am sharing the links below, for those who wanna buy it now and become truly conscious beings:

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Ananya Anurag Anand


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