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Translate your vision into reality: Linkedin Feed From Arunima Jha

When I became a lawyer, I didn’t really know whether I wanted to be a business transaction lawyer or serve as a litigator.

I believe in creating streamlined services. For the most part, the clients will have very specific problems, so my focus is to provide that one solution that is specific to those problems. Many times, lawyers will have several practice areas targeting to capture everyone with an aim to drive the revenue. Streamlining helps you make your service more efficient. Every great company has one thing that they're best at like Nike is good at shoes.

At the beginning of my career, I tried to be broad, working on contingency and working on cases that weren't really effective. Saying No is sometimes more important than saying Yes.

I am not saying that you shouldn't explore new things but what I mean to say is that try new things under the umbrella of your limited practice area.

Let's talk about branding and the marketing process. It has to be focused. Aiming at growing your business and your demonstration to be able to generate revenue through your services is really imperative.

Like for me as a lawyer, I categorize my work into the following parts -

1) Problems - what are the problems we are talking about?

2) Benefits - Benefits of my services.

3) Results - what are the results of applying for the benefits?

It's about putting your Client first. I have expertise in solving your problem and I am your go-to guy. Essentially you have to be the Gandalf to Frodo, Obi-Wan to Luke Skywalker, you're the movie writer to the hero.

You have to strengthen your skills and focus your strength and ideas to help solve your Client's problems. I am really passionate when it comes to my work, I feel very blessed to be a lawyer; control my destiny. The constraint doesn't really apply. Think outside the box.

It's very important to know whom you're serving and how to solve the problems. I believe in solving problems rather than just being a business lawyer. For me, there are important components - clients and their trust. The first part is easy but the second part i.e. Faith is by far the trickiest part. For gaining faith, show proof of your work. Testimonials of your previous clients, your work is all that matters. Show proof of your work again and again. That's gonna build your reputation amongst your Client. Try getting micro-commitments. Micro commitment is an easier task than getting your Client to write long feedback about you.

I am talking about the traditional approach, I am talking about onboarding newer clients and serving them with better, more streamlined services. It doesn't have to be transactional in particular, it can be applied to any kind of service.

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