Positive Thought's Achiever Of The Week : Meet Inga Kharchilava from Georgia

Team Stay Featured is feeling honoured to announce Inga Kharchilava from Georgia as Positive Thought's Achiever Of The Week

She is a college teacher of Geography and the basics of entrepreneurship. Also the Trainer of Junior Achievement Georgia Software Ambassador – Leader of the Global Trainers Academy from Georgia and Director of GTA-Management.

She always tries to be a worthy ambassador of her country. She is also the host of one of the famous programs “Share your success story” and have had successful speakers from different parts of the world. She is the International Advisor and International Co-ordinator for Positive Thoughts Consulting & Training Solutions.

Inga is from Abkhazia/Georgia particularly from the town of Gagra and therefore she is the IDP because this part of Georgia Abkhazia is occupied by Russia. She left many relatives and friends there.

Her father is a geographer with the title of associate professor, it was her father who instilled in her a love of teaching and geography. In 2000 she graduated from the 4th Gymnasium in Tbilisi (capital of her country). In the same year, she applied at university and graduated with great success in 2004 Georgian main university located in the capital Tbilisi and she was given the right to be a teacher. From that moment her profession and Inga are always without apart.

From the 3rd year at university, she was teaching IDP students, completely free of charge. She had created a circle of local lore named "Sides and Sights of Georgia". She was also working on the radio created by young people where she once a week hosted the program "Georgia and its picturesque nature".

Inga continued her work in the town Zestaponi where she created a family and have a husband and three children.

From 2013 to 2019 she worked at the Free School in the town of Zestaponi.

She started her career advancement from this school. Inga was trying to be different and her lesson process to be tailored to the XXI century requirements. Once a week she carried out projects using technology to introduce her students to the important resorts of her country. Georgia is famous for its diversity of flora and fauna with different cultural and traditional features.

Her students are participating in many Olympics and events and they were often successful.

In February 2017, Inga was awarded the status of Junior Achievement Georgia Program Coach. Since then, She has been actively involved, training 6 to 18-year-olds students and undergoing an age-appropriate program. It is noteworthy that the learning process is provided by a high-quality diverse learning resource.

Inga is actively involved with students' parents and the school, which is very important in terms of transparency and accountability. Students also develop the skills needed for the business at an early age and are allowed to develop thinking and practical skills aimed at educating and motivating young people in the global economy.

Junior Achievement was founded in 2019 in the US, and in Georgia in 2002.

Non-formal education and outreach lessons are some of the most widely used teaching and learning methods. The purpose of such teaching is to apply the theoretically acquired knowledge to real life and to show the reality visually, for example: visiting different enterprises, greenhouses, industrial facilities, food facilities, makes her lessons more fun and int